It feels like a big, hairy, beast

Has moved in with me.

It is constantly nipping at my heels

And won’t leave me alone.

I tried being patient with it.

It kept nipping.

The constant nipping made me angry.

And I raged against it.

It kept nipping.

I was busy with services and

Things that needed to be done.

Yet the beast was always there, always nipping.

And when I tried to ignore it,

It climbed on my back and held me down

Till I could do nothing.

Not even sleep, for it whispered in my ear all night.

So I lay down, with the full weight of the beast on me,

And cried.

And cried.

And cried.

Today, the beast walks beside me,

As if I have put him on a leash. He won’t leave my side.

It is as if he is my new partner, always with me.

Unpredictable, I don’t know what he will do next.

Is he to be my partner for life?

Or can he be tamed?

I can’t finish my poem.

Not yet.