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Phoenix Speakers Jean Briese Sales Training

Congratulations. You’re in sales! You have chosen the road less traveled. A sales career is not for those who like to play it safe. It’s a roller coaster ride of rejection when you hear no and exhilaration with every win. Succeeding in a sales role requires strategy, creativity, preparation and business acumen. It requires the passion of an entrepreneur and the cunning of a skilled negotiator. And like all things worth doing, when you master the art and science of sales, the rewards are unbelievable.

Are you ready to take your sales career to the next level?
For years, Jean’s love of people and passion for making a difference afforded her a lucrative and successful career in sales and sales leadership working for a Fortune 10 company. Jean’s knowledge in sales is quite diverse. Her experience includes, direct, tele-sales, channel sales, and includes B2B selling to small, mid and enterprise organizations. Jean has created and led multiple award winning sales teams. At a Fortune 10 Telecommunications company, Jean led her Enterprise sales team to be ranked Number One in the nation, growing sales revenue by 300% year over year, in a declining industry.

While Jean was recognized with an award reserved for the Top 1%, virtually every member of her team was an award winning sales person, achieving personal, professional and financial goals. While working with a mid-sized organization Jean took a struggling team and created a high performance , elite culture that enabled multiple accolades, and saw the team achieve a Stevie Award for Tele-sales team of the year. Virtually every team Jean has led has been ranked number one among their peers and become and award winning team.

But the team is made up of individuals. Jean creates award winning sales team by coaching one person at a time to their personal and professional best. Under Jean’s direction, her mentees have gone on to greater personal, financial and professional success. Using a tried and tested simple 6 step approach, Jean can help you exceed your goals and step up your sales game.

Working with Jean we will explore these six steps to success.

  1. Setting Your Goals
  2. Identifying Opportunity
  3. Getting Your Game On
  4. Maximizing  Your Mentors
  5. Best Practices
  6. Slaying  The Sale
Here’s what Jean’s clients are saying:

Erin Stephens

“Her ability to motivate and develop sales skills in people is by far the best in the business. “She always has your interest at heart “
Erin Stephens

Don Browning

“Jean is particularly adept in the art of helping others to bring out the best in themselves.
Don Browning

Jim Salas
“She is focused and completely dedicated to ensuring your individual success. Her loyalty and ability to motivate those around her made you want to be a better sales person. “
Jim Salas

Sterling Smith
“She has the ability to stir up the sales floor with excitement when she speaks and also allows for us to challenge ourselves to become better. “
Sterling Smith