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Motivational Speaker for North Carolina

Jean is now located in North Carolina!

As a native of Phoenix, Arizona, Jean Briese has an affinity for the desert. As she lived and loved in the Sonoran Desert of Phoenix, Jean knew what it was like for her early life to be sparse and dry.

Little did Jean know, she would soon experience a life-changing grace. As a young teen, she and her three younger siblings were abandoned by their mother two weeks before Christmas.


Bloom in the Desert with Jean

As with much of our beautiful world, lush and green, Jean went on to build an abundant career in sales and as a leadership speaker despite being homeless and with nothing, but a high school education under her belt. Working her way to make the impossible possible, she created and led award-winning sales teams at one of Fortune’s Top Ten Companies. She also became a motivational speaker in Phoenix and coached countless individuals as an event keynote speaker. As a performance speaker, she helped many become their best selves, redefined great teams, and shattered the supposed limits on success.

As a leadership speaker, Jean has proven that the desert blooms in the most unlikely of places. Being a motivational speaker in Phoenix allowed Jean to show others how they, too, can bloom in the desert — whether through a rock or parched, barren ground, life breaks through and delivers a stunning show of strength as the seedling blooms wherever it finds itself planted.

Finding Fertile Ground

Whether you’re on fertile soil or parched desert ground, if you’re ready to shatter the status quo and redefine greatness, Jean can help you break your limits and achieve the impossible. Contact Jean at 602-625-6071 or to unleash the power in yourself and your team.

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