What to ask a motivational speaker before you hire them.

Looking for a motivational speaker for your next event? Here is a list of questions you should ask before officially hiring a speaker to address your audience. Bonus: We added all of Motivational Speaker Jean Briese’s responses.

Questions to Assess Their Expertise and Experience

Jean Briese is a dynamic speaker and visionary leader who empowers individuals and teams with her transformative insights, inspiring presentations, and actionable strategies for achieving extraordinary success. As TheBash.com’s most-hired and highest-reviewed speaker for the past three consecutive years, Jean is known as a speaker who engages and inspires. After years of creating and leading award-winning sales teams for a Fortune 10 Technology firm, she left the corporate world to do what she loves all the time- helping individuals and teams unleash their power! With eight years dedicated to this mission, Jean continues to love every moment of what she does!

The topics Jean speaks on are:

  • Superpowers: 5 Superpowers to be Extraordinary. Want to level up? This presentation offers a wealth of information, practical tools, and inspiring insights that pave the way for your transformation.
  • Leadership: A transformative leadership presentation that will empower your team with actionable insights, practical tools, and inspiring strategies that drive real change and elevate performance.
  • Corporate Culture: Unlock the full potential of your workforce by hiring Jean Briese, whose compelling presentation on creating high-performing teams delivers proven strategies, actionable tools, and motivational insights that drive exceptional team success.
  • Diversity: Jean Briese's compelling DEIB presentation offers transformative insights and practical strategies that empower organizations to build inclusive, equitable, and thriving workplaces where belonging truly flourishes.

Jean Briese has been a professional motivational speaker for over 8 years.

Absolutely! You can read through over 100 testimonials on my website.

Questions About Their Speaking Style

Jean Briese is known for her engaging and motivational speaking style. She combines elements of storytelling, practical advice, and inspirational messages to connect with her audience. Key aspects of her speaking style and delivery approach include:

  • Authenticity: Jean Briese is praised for her genuine and authentic presence on stage. She shares personal stories and experiences, which helps her build a strong connection with her audience.
  • Energy and Passion: Her delivery is characterized by high energy and passion, which keeps the audience engaged and attentive. She uses dynamic body language and vocal variety to emphasize key points.
  • Relatability: Briese often speaks about topics that resonate with a wide range of people, such as overcoming adversity, leadership, and personal growth. Her relatable content makes her messages accessible and impactful.
  • Interactive Elements: She incorporates interactive elements into her presentations, such as asking questions, encouraging audience participation, and sometimes even incorporating live demonstrations or exercises.
  • Humor: Jean Briese uses humor effectively to keep the atmosphere light and engaging. This helps to break the ice and make her sessions enjoyable.
    Actionable Insights: Her talks are not just inspirational but also practical. She provides actionable insights and strategies that her audience can implement in their personal and professional lives.
  • Custom Tailoring: Briese is known for customizing her presentations to suit the specific needs and context of her audience, whether it's a corporate event, a leadership seminar, or a personal development workshop.

Overall, Jean Briese's speaking style is a blend of inspiration, practicality, and engagement, making her a compelling and effective speaker.

Yes, Jean Briese incorporates multimedia, activities, and audience interaction into her presentations to enhance engagement and effectiveness. Here's how she does it:

  • Multimedia: Jean uses multimedia elements such as videos, slides, and images to illustrate her points and keep her presentations visually stimulating. These tools help to break up the talk, provide visual reinforcement of key messages, and maintain audience interest.
  • Interactive Activities: She includes various activities designed to engage the audience actively. These can range from small group discussions and brainstorming sessions to hands-on exercises and real-time problem-solving. Such activities not only foster engagement but also allow participants to apply what they're learning in real time.
  • Audience Interaction: Jean actively engages with her audience through questions, polls, and interactive discussions. She encourages participants to share their thoughts and experiences, creating a dynamic and participatory environment. This interaction helps to make the audience feel more involved and invested in the session.
  • Live Demonstrations: When relevant, Jean includes live demonstrations to illustrate key concepts and techniques. This hands-on approach helps to clarify complex ideas and shows practical applications, making the learning experience more concrete and impactful.
  • Feedback and Reflection: She often incorporates moments for audience feedback and reflection, allowing participants to consider how the material applies to their own lives and work. This not only reinforces learning but also helps attendees to internalize and personalize the content.

By integrating these elements, Jean Briese ensures that her presentations are not only informative and inspiring but also interactive and engaging, leading to a more impactful and memorable experience for her audience.

Jean Briese engages and energizes her audience through a combination of authenticity, passion, and interactive techniques. Here are some key ways she accomplishes this:

  • Authentic Storytelling: Jean shares personal stories and experiences that resonate with her audience. By being open and authentic, she builds a strong connection and creates a sense of relatability, making her messages more impactful.
  • High Energy and Passion: Her delivery is marked by high energy and enthusiasm. She uses dynamic body language, varying her tone and pace to keep the audience engaged and emphasize key points effectively.
  • Interactive Elements: Jean incorporates interactive components into her presentations, such as asking questions, encouraging audience participation, and sometimes including live demonstrations or exercises. This interaction keeps the audience actively involved and makes the experience more memorable.
  • Humor and Lightness: She uses humor strategically to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. This not only keeps the audience entertained but also makes her messages more accessible and relatable.
  • Actionable Insights: Jean ensures that her talks are not just inspirational but also practical. She provides actionable insights and strategies that her audience can implement immediately, adding tangible value to her sessions.
  • Customization: She tailors her presentations to meet the specific needs and context of her audience. By addressing their unique challenges and goals, she ensures her content is relevant and impactful.

Through these techniques, Jean Briese effectively engages and energizes her audience, leaving them inspired and equipped with practical tools for personal and professional growth.

Questions on Tailoring the Presentation

With years of experience, I've discovered that blending my expertise with your deep understanding of your group's goals creates a winning presentation that your audience will love—making you shine like a ROCK STAR. In our 45-minute call, I'll ask insightful questions to grasp your group's unique needs, ensuring I deliver a presentation that resonates perfectly and meets all your objectives.

Yes – you can get a feel for Jean’s style by viewing these videos:

Jean Briese seamlessly integrates your key messages and themes into her presentations by thoroughly understanding your organization's goals and audience. During a phone or Zoom consultation, she gathers insights about your specific objectives and core values. Jean then tailors her content to align perfectly with your vision, ensuring that her powerful delivery not only resonates with your audience but also reinforces and amplifies your central messages, creating a cohesive and impactful experience.

Logistical and Pricing Questions

Speaking fees start at $3500

  • My quote includes most travel expenses. I do ask that you provide lodging as needed for travel. (usually 1-2 nights, but can be more depending on flight and speaking schedules) All other expenses are included in the speaking fee I provide after our initial consultation.
  • I give motivational talks on the East and West coast.

I typically deliver a one-hour presentation, but I'm flexible and can adjust the timing to suit your needs. During our initial consultation, we will work together to determine the best approach based on your goals and schedule.

Assessing Their Motivation and Commitment

Jean Briese is motivated by her passion for empowering individuals and teams to unlock their full potential. Her drive comes from witnessing the transformative impact of her presentations on audiences, seeing people achieve breakthroughs, and knowing she's contributed to their growth and success. Jean's commitment to making a difference and her love for inspiring others fuels her dedication to delivering impactful and engaging presentations every time.

Jean Briese continually refines her motivational speaking skills through ongoing learning, feedback integration, and adaptation to diverse audience needs, ensuring her presentations remain impactful and relevant.

One particularly challenging audience comprised global owners and leaders of distribution companies. The objective was to impart leadership and sales skills to everyone in attendance. The complexity arose from the multilingual nature of the audience, with many participants not fluent in English. Although the organization provided several translators, Jean leveraged her extensive network of expert speakers to identify best practices for working with translators. This enabled her to adapt her presentation effectively, ensuring it was both powerful and seamless for all attendees.  See what the owner of the manufacturing company who held the event (and hired me) had to say about my presentation: Wilson Rodgriguez_CEO_Inteccon

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