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Jean Briese

Inspire, Imagine and Transform.

Unleash the power in your team.

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“On more than one occasion she has been brought in to support a program that is struggling with morale, this is where I feel she really shines.”

-Angela Scanlan

“Jean is particularly adept in the art of helping others to bring out the best in themselves."

-Don Browning

“Her ability to motivate and develop sales skills in people is by far the best in the business. “She always has your interest at heart “

-Erin Stephens

“She is focused and completely dedicated to ensuring your individual success. Her loyalty and ability to motivate those around her made you want to be a better sales person. “

-Jim Salas

“You will be inspired.”

-Linda Bosart

“ Her eloquence is a gift from God!”

-Lisa Steinberg

“Jean has a wonderful gift for motivating other women.”

-Maryann McAward

“She restored pride and high morale to a program beset with radical changes in organization, leadership and operation. Guiding us through to be stronger for it.”

-Matthew Holloway

“She is dynamic!”

-Quinn Marco

“She has the ability to stir up the sales floor with excitement when she speaks and also allows for us to challenge ourselves to become better. “

-Sterling Smith

“Jean’s presentation was relevant to audience needs, thought-provoking and (you) will leave with actionable items. Jean provided lots of information that can be easily adapted."

-Kim, HR Leader

“Jean was refreshing, informative and encouraging. I would highly recommend her. ”

-John, Sales Director

“Jean inspires people and has the ability to connect.”

-Barry, Manager Speaking Event Coordinator

Jean is such a great coach… I love the clarity and guidance revealed to me and I am so grateful for her direction.

-Terry, Realtor

“Jean’s talk was so helpful. I really enjoyed how she brought everything together with stories from her own experiences. I’ve been to a lot of other events but they weren’t like Jean’s.”

-Kathy Jahns

“Jean's presentation made me think about myself. My one big take-away was to respect myself.”

-Debra Smith, Caregiver

“Jean speaks about real struggles and how to manage them. Beneficial and it will help in many ways.”

-Tonetta Schindler, Branch Operations Manager

“Jean showed me how to look at things from a different perspective. The best thing about the presentation was getting tips about goals and how to reach them. It was very helpful.”

-Nina Hanankei, Case Manager

“Energetic and powerful! Jean's presentation was very informative, knowing your own truths and getting past the fear to take action in my life goals”.

-Alissia Kreibien, BOC

“Jean's presentation opened my eyes to go farther. It was extremely informational. What I took away is that I can do it!“

-Cindi Rogers, Caregiver

“Extremely helpful. She is relatable. She is very successful, but you know she knows how you feel because she was there. If you want usable, helpful information, life hacks, and someone to inspire, then call Jean.”

-Jacqueline Lomack, ABOC

“I was inspired to focus on my strengths and to manage my time wisely. Jean’s presentation will grow me professional and personally.”

-Kristin Sanders, Branch Operations Coordinator

“Wonderful and inspiring! It was very real and very helpful. My big take away is that I am the only one that can change my habits and beliefs.”

-Robin Kraling, RN

“She was great! Jean takes a lot of great information and combines it in a way that is workable in real life.”

-Amy Thesing, RN

“Jean's presentation was very relevant. It gets one rethinking and reevaluating. Jean speaks from experience to make a difference and provides pointers that people can put into action.“

-Dean Smith, Director of Technology

“Very informative, eye-opening and helpful. It was uplifting and educational. If you are considering hiring her, Do it!”

-David Boucher, Branch Operations Coordinator

“Jean has a way of connecting and making you understand. She is very relatable and very inspirational.“ S

-amantha Michels, Asst Branch Operations

“I learned a lot! It was informative and engaging. I will be implementing these changes in my life.”

-Catherine Mullen, Clinical Administrative Assistant

“Jean's presentation was very helpful. It gave me a starting point and a path for change. She did a very good job of engaging the audience.”

-Ashley Bjhord, Branch Operations Coordinator

“Wonderful presentation-left me wanting more. Jean has superpowers. She is very good at what she does. The best thing about her presentation was her ability to relate to strangers and say exactly what you need to hear.”

-J.Heard, Branch Operations Coordinator

“Great message! Jean wants you to be the best you.”

-Victoria Klos, HR Assistant

“Jean's message is relevant not only in your job, but in other areas of your life. She breaks it down for you. I am empowered! “

-Jayne Johnson, Compliance Director

“Wonderful! Jean spoke straight to my heart- my passion and my purpose. Very motivating!!! Loved it. I wrote down every word. I highly recommend Jean.”

-Jessica Thompson, Branch Operations Coordinator

“Wonderful! I think everyone needs to hear her presentation. It is well worth your time.”

-Tiffany Wilschek, client services

“Jean has an ability to get you to think and want to better yourself and always grow. You have a lot to gain.“

-Earline Nguyen, Senior HR Coordinator

“I will be able to implement new habits and beliefs that will be life changing. Very helpful. Very motivating.”

-Tonia Jenny, RN

“The best thing was how she made me think. She knows how to motivate a crowd. Very helpful. Very relevant. A breath of fresh air.“

-Lindsay Moran, Office Assistant

“I liked many new ideas that came with Jean's presentation. Very helpful. I have new advice to try out. She will inspire you.“

-Diane Whipple, PCA

“Working with Jean was a great experience, from beginning to end. She was very accommodating and willing to alter a few things so that the speaking engagement was a perfect fit for our company. She was always very easy to get in touch with, and was extremely reliable. We're very appreciative of all her efforts and the knowledge she left us with. Glad she could spend the day with our company!”

-Bryce Wangen, International Quallity Homecare


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Top 5 Reasons To Hire Jean


#5) Super Relatable
Everyone loves Jean. She has an authenticity and passion that touches people’s hearts and inspires change.

#4) Refreshing
Jean is a breeze to work with, energetic, enthusiastic and accommodating. She will make your team and your audience feel like rock stars.

#3) Customized
Jean will tailor her message to your specific challenges and opportunities for your audience.

#2) Tools and Takeaways
Your audience will leave empowered and energized with tools they can put into action immediately.

#1) IT Factor
Jean’s message has “it” all. High energy delivery, stunning presentation, audience interaction, videos and a life-changing message.

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