How Jean can Provide Motivating Leadership During a Pandemic

Have you ever been to an event where you had to stifle a yawn? Then the person across from you stifles one, too, and suddenly you’re focusing more on appearing less sleepy than what the speaker is actually saying.

So much for ‘motivational.’

As the global pandemic continues, businesses have to find a way to embrace motivating leadership. You can inspire your employees, even from afar. Finding the right keynote speaker or team-building expert can help.

Ditch the yawns and start creating a real impact when you hire Jean Briese for your next event.

Powerful Experience

Even during a pandemic—or maybe especially during a pandemic—your team needs someone to provide a powerful experience. As the top leadership speaker in Phoenix, Jean has the wisdom and business acumen to cater to that deep need.

We continue to fight the worldwide health crisis and spend more time in isolation and working from home. It’s harder to feel like you’re a valued member of the team.

Businesses are seeking specific ways to pour into their employees’ lives and support them during this difficult time. Jean can help provide the wisdom to bolster your team.

Ignite Change with a Keynote

Are you ready to see real changes happening in your company? You need someone to kickstart that mindset shift. Jean brings energy and empowerment with her when she’s your keynote speaker.

As a professional motivator and accomplished business leader, she has the ability to resonate with people from all walks of life and emotionally identify with her audience. 

Team Building and Motivating Leadership

With help from a professional, your teams can participate in unique activities that make them think outside the box. Team building can actually propel your team to greatness. It also improves productivity and encourages creativity.

When you work with Jean, you’ll notice employees begin to trust each other more and forge stronger relationships. You’ll boost communication skills and see greater collaboration as a result of your time spent with her.

Practical Tools and Takeaways

You’ve probably heard a motivational speaker that got you all fired up. Then your newfound passion didn’t help you get anywhere. No matter how many brain hacks or tricks you try, it doesn’t seem to incite any permanent change for you or your work style.

That’s not the case for Jean’s listeners.

Feedback and testimonies prove over and over that she’s relatable and passionate. Yet she also provides tools and techniques that they can take back to work with them. Practical steps and effective tips are part of what you can expect when Jean speaks at your next event.

The Most Relevant Motivator

Sometimes you need to give your employees a boost, something relevant to where they’re at with a project or development stage. A keynote speaker or team-building professional can make a big difference. 

With Jean Briese’s motivating leadership you’re sure to find what you’re looking for and stimulate the change your business needs.

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