The Face of Jesus/An Unexpected Grace

There is so much grace to see each day. But this past Sunday I had a special moment of grace at mass. Each week when we go to mass,  two-year-old Allison tries so hard to receive the eucharist. She always puts her hands out as she approaches, just as she sees everyone else. At first, she used to stand in front of Father Dennis and not leave, insisting that she too receive what everyone else is receiving. I would have to drag her away. I have tried to show her to cross her arms across her chest but she refuses. One week, when she saw Fr Dennis, a familiar face, she looked at him and then moved out of line to the EM standing next to him, trying a new person to see if that would work. When it didn’t, she got back in line with Fr Dennis for her blessing. (He got a big kick out of that.) I have taken to carrying her, just so we don’t disrupt anyone else with Allison’s antics. This past Sunday, I approached Father and he tenderly placed his hand on Allison’s head for a blessing. She looked him right in the eye and pointed to the eucharists in the bowl (I don’t know the name of the vessel that holds the eucharist) She pointed and let it be known to Father that was what she wanted. He whispered quietly to her, “Not yet sweetheart.” Then he bent down and with such great love, he kissed her head. In that moment, I saw the face of Jesus. Great grace and unspeakable joy have been mine all week as I revel in the fact that I had a glimpse of Jesus himself, thanks to an innocent little girl and a loving priest.

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