A Monday Kind of Metamorphosis- Part 3

It was a Monday.  Allison’s caterpillars were very large and fat now. We’ve had them for about a week and they have grown so much. We noticed that instead of just wandering around the bottom of the cup where the food is, they are starting to make their way to the top of the cup. At the underside of the top, there is a tissue paper type of cover where they will eventually make their chrysalis.  They are on their way!
This is the third time we have been scheduled for Mom’s surgery. Last Thursday, the day after her pre-op tests, we made the long trek back to the hospital for her 8:30 a.m. surgery. She had showered with a special soap they gave us in pre-op. She had fasted all night. When we arrived, she was very quiet.


“How are you feeling Mom?” I had inquired.


In a little girl voice, she softly said, “I’m scared, Jean Marie.”


I hugged my Mom tightly. “I know,” I said. “But in a little bit, you will be waking up and you will be on the road to getting better. “


“I hope so,” she said. “I woke up last night and thought I shouldn’t do this.”
We were all a little nervous. We checked in and the first sign of trouble was when the volunteer in the surgical check-in asked why we were here so early. “
“We were told to be here at 7:30 a.m.,” I replied. “
I went back to the lounge, where Mom and my siblings were waiting. Mom sat in her wheel chair, her prayer shawl across her lap. We were waiting to be called back. My sister and I decided that we wanted to pray for mom and she agreed.  She sat in her wheelchair, while my sister and I joined our hands, encircled her with our arms, bowed our heads and in the middle of the waiting lounge, softly prayed. “Lord, bless this woman, your daughter, give her peace and comfort, and guide the surgeon’s hands. Lord we ask for a speedy recovery for Bobbi and Father, when she comes out of surgery, breathe your breath into her lungs inflating them fully and help her every breath. Lord, we pray for your will to be done.”
Mom nodded.
After a long while, they had still not called us, so I inquired, “Is there a problem?”
“I will have the nurse come talk to you,” she replied.
The nurse came out, “We had an emergency surgery that we had to take before you,” she explained. We groaned. We had been scheduled last week and it was postponed. We were here, we were prepped, and we were ready. The nurse went on to explain, “You will still have your surgery today, but it will be after this surgery, closer to 1:00 p.m.”
Ugh. We waited until 1:00 p.m. when we were told that the other surgery had complications. They would not be able to perform mom’s surgery on Thursday as planned. We were told to go home, and we would be rescheduled again. Melina and I looked at each other. Maybe this wasn’t meant to be. Mom said, “If I go home, I’m not coming back.”
Her nurse asked us to wait before getting her dressed. Then the head surgical nurse came in. Mom’s heart monitor showed a new development today. While waiting all this time for the surgery, her heart was now experiencing some new symptoms. I can’t remember all the medical jargon, but the result was that she was now in more serious risk and she was not going home, she would be checked into the hospital cardiac unit until her surgery could be rescheduled.
So here we sit on Monday. They took her for surgery this morning, from her hospital room. We have seen her diminish in just the two days she has returned to the hospital. This morning, my siblings and I once again gathered to see Mom off to surgery. This time, instead of a lounge, we were in her hospital room. The nurse came in and talked to mom, and said that the transport team taking her to surgery would be here shortly. It was tense in the air as we waited for transport. And this time, Mom broke the silence.
“Jean Marie and Melina,” she called. “Get over her and pray for me.”
And so we did. Once again, we encircled Mom, this time she joined hands in our circle. This time she requested the prayers. And we prayed for God’s will.


As we finished praying, we realized the transport team had arrived, and noticing our family in prayer, was respectfully waiting right outside the door.  They whisked in and we gave Mom last kisses before the surgery. Then like Allison’s caterpillars, she was on her way!


Hands with Grandma Bobbi 2.17.14


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