Phoenix Business Coach | Why Is She so Different?

If you are a business owner and find yourself in need of a Phoenix business coach, then give a call to Jean. She is the best in her industry and she has time and time again being rated five stars by her customers. She is a sales coach/business and entrepreneur motivational speaker. She helps large and small audiences alike with finding their empowerment through teambuilding, obstacle crushing, and women’s empowerment. She wants everyone to feel empowered, though not just women, and she speaks to the inner rock star in everyone and forces them to come out.

When Jean was young she had a hard start and her mother left her family two weeks before Christmas. She was then left to raise her three younger siblings while she also finished her high school degree. After high school she became homeless and she could have used her circumstances to go one of two ways. She could have been a victim and used her situation as a crutch for this life. Instead though, she decided to use it as a reason why she was going to hustle, get the work done, be dedicated, be determined, and ultimately become the best that she could be. But that wasn’t enough. She also might be the best in whatever industry she was. And she did that.

If you have a large group of women, and you would like a Phoenix business coach, then Jean a call. She does women’s empowerment coaching. She believes that in leadership, as business owners, and in sales, women can dream big and they can also make it happen. She despises the stigmas a come along with women in the workplace especially women in power, and she wants to ensure that every woman can continue to inspire themselves daily and make themselves propelled to whatever position it is that they want. If they want to be in charge, they won’t open their own business, they want to simply be respected in the workplace, then she brings the jazz that everyone needs to keep themselves doing just that.

If you need sales coaching, then Jean is just the right person for you. She worked in a fortune-telling company where she grew a dying industry into a exceeding business again. She brought her team to number one in the nation and grew the company sales revenue by 300% multiple years in a row. She has the knowledge and direct, channel, B2B, and telesales. She is vastly knowledgeable in the area and she can coach you to becoming the best business and employees you can be.

Look no further than Jean for if you need a Phoenix business coach. You can call her by telephone at 602-625-6071. You can also visit her website at, to find more information and to view her video testimonials left by her clients past and present. This will assist you in deciding whether or not you want to book her. But ultimately you will want to.

Phoenix Business Coach | Why Is She so Different?

When you’re in the market for a Phoenix business coach then you need to give Jean a call. Jean Briese is the top in her industry and she is the highest-rated motivational speaker and the Phoenix area. She is the best at what she does, and she has the knowledge and experience in the industry to back it. She has done it all when it comes to sales and she has been at the bottom and grown her way to the top time and time again so when you need to empower your employees or grow your staff, or simply just inspire yourself, then you need to book Jean.

Jean does women’s empowerment coaching as well. She knows that in the workforce, it is not always easy for women to be at the top and even once there it is not always easy to be respected or given the acknowledgment they deserve. She strives to bus that glass ceiling that has been placed for so many centuries and do that by empowering all women whether their business will not you seek within themselves what is that they want out of life work their hardest to dedicate the cells to make it happen. If you want to be a business owner, business leader, head of your department, or head of the company, whatever it is that you want, she wants to inspire you to get there with no apologies.

As a Phoenix business coach, Jean is lucrative in helping companies to thrive. By inspiring the individuals within the company she can then by the entire group. If your company is full of people who are uninspired not driven, not motivated, then your going to find it very difficult to get your company at the top of the industry. She also wants to help businesses, teams, companies, etc. to break the mold of their industry. If you can have the kind of culture and your work environment that produces positivity and determination by your business can be at the edge of the competition every time.

If you would like to help your team to overcome obstacles or show your employees how important it is to be a victor, not a victim, then Jean is the speaker for you. Because of all of her personal and professional experiences, she is able to help people see what it’s like to overcome an obstacle and then use the obstacle to lifting yourself up to the highest platform possible. She never wanted anyone to be a victim and she wants to bring her heart and passion into any engagement she is a part of in order to inspire others.

Look no further than Jean Briese when you need a Phoenix business coach. You can visit her website at where you can find all of her information as well as what all it is that she offers to you. Jean brings humor as well as tough love and her engagement and she wants everyone to come away feeling inspired and happy with who they are, but she does not want them to be complacent. Give her a call at 60262560712 book her today!

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