Phoenix Business Coach | Her Standard Is Quality!

When you need to find a Phoenix business coach, then look no further than Jean Briese. She is the best in her industry and she’s about time and time again by businesses and organizations who wish to empower the people within them to be the best also to then ultimately grow the business organization into its best self. She does women empowerment coaching, sales coaching, team building, and more. She travels all over and she is ready to book for your engagement today.

She is from the Phoenix Arizona area originally and she had a rough start as a young teen. She was abandoned by her mother and left to raise her three younger siblings in high school. When she graduated she was homeless and had nothing but her high school diploma. She could use that to become a victim of her circumstances and then use it as a crutch with us for life but instead, she decided to use it as a platform to push herself up and grab the ledge to success.

Jean is the one you want to call when you need a Phoenix business coach. She helps with teambuilding and she knows that empowering the individual ultimately means to empower the business. If you surround yourself and your organization/business with people who are driven, determined, unapologetic, and ready to take on the world, then your business is going to thrive. She also knows that the work culture and environment within the organization/business is ultimately was going to set you apart. You can break the mold strictly by having the best culture whereas a positive and growing environment.

If you need a women’s empowerment coach, gives Jean a call. She likes to empower and inspire them to push past the glass ceiling that has been set for them by others and by the centuries before them. And much as women’s rights have grown, they are still not where they should be for women to feel equally respected and encouraged and the business/entrepreneur world. The woman in charge is not always revered as she should be and she hopes to instill within every woman a sense of urgency to reach the point of succeeding at the goals that they wish to reach, without letting someone stop them because of their gender.

There is no need to look any further when you need a Phoenix business coach. Jean is native to the area and she is the best in the area. She travels all over the country and she delivers speaking engagements nonstop. She is booked constantly by businesses and organizations over and over again because they love what she does and they love how the company thrives after they’ve heard from her. Get her by phone at 602-625-6071. You can also find her on her website at, where you can find all of her information as well as Book her services online. Don’t wait for call today.

Phoenix Business Coach | Her Standard Is Quality!

There are a lot of options when you need a Phoenix business coach, but the best one that you could book for your business or organization, or even your small group meeting, is Jean Briese. She speaks on teambuilding, women’s empowerment, overcoming obstacles and rushing them, and ultimately just on empowering the inner rock star within. She is a Phoenix native, but she travels all over the country doing speaking engagements and she continues to be booked over and over again by those who hired her because they know that she has truly changed what their business or organization has trying to do.

If you’re in need of a women’s empowerment coach then the standard of her engagements is quality. She not only inspires you for a limited time, but she inspires you over and over and over again daily if you truly take her words the heart and put them in place in your life. She has a sense of urgency and wanting women to rake the stubborn glass ceiling is placed on them for centuries. As equal as lights have become, and the business world, it is not always the case. A woman in charge that has to change. Jean believes this wholeheartedly and she hopes to inspire since rockstar courage in every woman.

As far as Phoenix business coach needs go, and you need Jean. She will help to build your team and show them that if you inspired the individual first then at your business or organization will be inspired as a result. Creating a positive and driven workforce and culture within the work permit is vital to breaking out of the mold of the industry that you’re in. He wants you to see past your competitors and constantly be on the edge, then you need to hear from Jean. You can view testimonials from her engagements on her website or on her YouTube channel. You can also view her engagements on her YouTube channel as well so you can see before you book her just what she can do.

If your team or business is having a hard time pushing past hardship and obstacles, then Jean is the one to call. She has overcome an extreme amount of hardship in her life. She was abandoned as a young teen by her mother, and left to raise her three siblings on her own. Actually, after high school, she decided she was not going to be a victim of her circumstances. Choose one you sent to propel herself to the top and then once at the top she was going to continue breaking the ceiling until she was her know what happened. When she worked for a fortunes and Company, Jean took a dying industry and turn it into a thriving one. She grew her company sale revenue by 300% multiple years in a row.

When you are wanting to inspire and truly change your company for organizations’ work culture, then give Jean a call. She can be reached at 602-625-6071. She is the best Phoenix business coach that you can find and she will ultimately change your business for the better. You can also visit her website at for more information and to book her services today.

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