Phoenix Business Coach | What to Do on the Website?

When you need a Phoenix business coach, then look no further than jamboree’s. She is the best of us and she travels all over the country providing businesses and large audiences alike with encouragement and empowerment to do what it is that they want to do and do it with heart. She brings her passion and soul into every engagement and she has her audience leaving feeling like they can take over the world.

If you need someone for your company to come in and just try to break the status quo, then she can do engagement. She knows that having the right leadership and having the right product is all key to having a high performing team. She also believes that what truly sets you apart what’s really going to break you out of the mold of your industry is having a culture. When you have a working and vibing culture with a great place for your employees to work and your customers love to come to your place of business, that’s when you can truly set yourself apart from your competition.

Jean is a Phoenix business coach, and she will come speak to your place about women’s empowerment. She thoroughly despises the idea that just because someone is a woman they can get the job. Either man or woman can do the jobs that are out there. She wants to help women encourage themselves, then to channel their inner boss and simply take what it is that they want. You don’t take no for an answer and you don’t take gender stereotypes for an answer either. One statistic says that it will account for 49% of the college-educated workforce. That means that they are well qualified and able to run the show.

If you needing Jean to come to speak about overcoming obstacles, then she can do that as well. She had a rough start when she was a teen. Her mother abandoned her family and left her, as a young teen, to raise her younger three siblings. When she graduated she was homeless and could have gone one of two ways. She could have been a victim and use her circumstances as an excuse for the rest of her life. Or she could use them as a push to empower herself to be better and make a better life for herself. Then use it to help others. And that is exactly what she did.

When you need to find a Phoenix business coach, then you need to book Jean. She is the best of us and she knows what she’s talking about when she wants to help you with your sales coaching, team building, empowerment, and more. You can see her videos on her YouTube page, or you can view the video testimonials that her clients have left. You can also read the reviews. She is the highest rated motivational speaker and Phoenix, AZ. She can be reached at 602-625-6071. She can also be found on our website at You can find more information about her and her services here as well as the curse services. If you need a speaker for your engagement, then give Jean a call today!

Phoenix Business Coach | What to Do on the Website?

If you’re looking for a Phoenix business coach, and further the Jean Briese. She is the top of her industry and she is the highest rate is motivational speaker and Phoenix Arizona. She empowers businesses and their employees to be their best selves and do whatever they need to do the hustle and get to where they want to be in life. She does teambuilding, the obstacle overcoming, women’s empowerment, and so much more. She’s is a personal and professional experience to inspire those around her.

As a young teen, Jean had a rough start. Her mother abandoned her and left her to raise her three younger siblings. After high school, she was homeless and was not sure which way to go. She could have become a victim of her circumstances define her. Or she could use them to push her and to hustling for her life and becoming the best version of herself that she could be despite everything she’d gone through. She did the latter thankfully, and now she uses her experiences to help others. On her website you can find her blog posts about empowerment and other day-to-day life activities and experiences that you can use to help keep yourself motivated daily.

As you seek to find a Phoenix was discussed, then check out Jean Briese. She is the highest-rated and she is so for reason. Her clients book her for every engagement that they have and she continues to gain new clients daily. She has been GigMasters “best of” 2017 and 2018. She has been at points where she has felt stuck or unsure of how to propel herself forward and a lot of people can get lost in that feeling and that uncertainty. Instead of allowing herself to wallow, she took her fear and discouragement and used it to force herself in upward motion.

If you needing teambuilding for your company, then you can book Jean and she assists in helping to inspire not only the business as a whole but each individual. A business with individuals who are not moving forward is itself not going to move forward. You have to surround yourself daily with people who are positive and empowered and she helps to continue that vibe and all of the engagements that she does. She wants each company to be full of employees who are hard-working, dedicated, inspired and ultimately working to be their best selves. This will ultimately keep the company moving into the direction it needs to in order to be its best self

When you need to find a Phoenix business coach, then you need to call Jean. She can be reached by phone at 602-625-6071. You can also find her on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. On YouTube you can watch videos from her engagements as well as see video testimonials from our client so that you can save yourself why you should book her. You can also go to her website at to find more information.

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