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  • jeanbriese

    Thanks MaryAnn. Knowing that you’re praying means the world.

  • Pat Muehlenberg

    The pictures of Jimmy REALLY highlight your story. You are amazing!

  • jeanbriese

    Thanks Pat for the kind words. The pics were cool to find, I didn’t remember having one of the “tree” until I went looking for a picture of Jim.

  • Monica Luckritz

    Jean please know that I will keep you and your family, especially your brother, in my daily prayers. Your life story is nothing short of amazing. You are such a great speaker. I think God might be calling you to share your story with the world.

  • jeanbriese

    Thank you Monica… for the kind words and all the love. It is so greatly appreciated. I really want prayers for my brother, I am struggling to find Jesus in Jim’s story. I know he’s there…. this might be my next blog.

  • Linda Siegel

    Jean, I am a fellow parishioner at St. Gabe’s and somehow was led to your wonderful blog. You are such an inspiration and I see the works of God through you. Thank you for sharing your gift of words. If I wouldn’t have known, I would have thought that this was from a book. Your life story is amazing. Thank you for your beautiful example of love to one another. I will be praying for you both..

  • jeanbriese

    Linda, so nice to meet another St Gabe’s parishioner! Thank you for the kind words and the prayers. I didn’t realize how much they would mean to me, but they mean everything.

  • Ann Gruener

    Very powerful, Jean! God bless you and your family through this Christmas season and throughout the coming year.

  • Sue Neville

    I just now read your story and it really moved me to tears. You truly are amazing and because of your own experiences, you give strength to others. You are an inspiration to all of us. God bless you and your family!

  • Jennifer Rawnsley

    I had often wondered why some are able to rise out of the fire while others remained.

    When reading your story, a thought came to me: The Lord supplies us with ALL that we need, does He not? He blesses some with a talented mind, the ability to think and create; some are blessed with sturdy, stable hands to build and operate. Esentially, He provides us with tools to do His good works.

    It was then when you reached out to Him through faith alone that He began to bless you with your many (all too many to name) gifts. He has equipped you with the knowledge of “struggle, discord” so that you can bear witness to His mercy…even if it begins within the confines of your own family. You are heavily equipped with the armour of God to do what you’ve struggled so long to do… use ALL that the Lord has blessed you with, to witness and counsel. You are a great attestent of His love for us, I feel encouraged to ask myself wha tmore I can do with the gifts He’s given me. I love you~ Jenny

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