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More TimeDo you ever end the day feeling as if you didn’t get anything accomplished?  Do you feel as if you need more time to get everything done in your day?  Or maybe you find yourself wishing you had more time to do the things you love?  Phoenix motivational speaker Jean Briese has put together 10 life hacks to give you more time.

Challenge yourself to pick at least one of these hacks and DO IT today.  With the time you gain, schedule a reward for YOU!  Do that thing you haven’t had the time to do!

1)      Get organized!  This starts with writing down everything you need to do. Seriously, this step is key!  Write down everything.  As you make the list, review your calendar so you include any necessary preparation.

2)      Cross off or delegate.  Is there something on the list that doesn’t NEED to be done today?  Is there something you can delegate?  Really?   Many times, there are things on the list that we can give up or give to someone else, such as housekeeping chores.  Find at least one thing on your list could be shared or given to someone you hire to do?

3)      Prioritize. I label my items, A, B, and C… A means it must get done today. B is for those things that must get done, but not necessarily today. C is for those things that are nice to get done and don’t have a deadline. When you put these items on your calendar, the A’s go on first.  Then the B’s and C’s as you have time.  Don’t have time for everything?    Refer to #2, #7, or # 12.

4)      Identify Your Most Productive Time.  When are you most productive?   Many of us start our day checking email and social media. (See #10) Make sure when you schedule the things that need to be done, you schedule the most important items or most complicated items when you are most productive.  Without changing anything else, I swapped social media updates that I was doing in my productive time with more important and complicated tasks.  Because I was completing the difficult/important task when I was most productive, I realized a huge gain in results and freed up more time for other tasks.

5)      What are the important things?  Unfortunately for most, the important things in life are just the things for which we don’t seem to have time.  Work gets done. Chores get done.  And what gets left out? Relationships. Down time/Play time.  Exercise.  What are the important things in your life?  Write them down.  Put them on the list.  And they don’t have to be on the calendar daily; possibly weekly or monthly.  Remember, the key is to get these important things on to the list.  Once they are on the list, they are no longer relegated to left over time, they will be scheduled and there will be time.  Boom!

6)      Schedule it.  Stick to the schedule.  It’s amazing what writing your list on the calendar can do for you.  You will begin to see what is realistic and you won’t end your day feeling defeated.  Another benefit is that you will see where you need to make some changes in how you approach your day.  And don’t forget to schedule some time for the things that are going to come up. There are always those unexpected things that pop up, so don’t let them become an excuse!

7)      Say No.  What is on the list that is taking up your time and isn’t productive for you?  Just say no.

8)      Do double duty.  Wear a headset and water plants while talking on the phone.  Read emails and make lists while having your morning coffee.

9)      Avoid Interruptions.  Own your time!  Do not let the notifications, ringing, chimes and pop-ups distract you from your schedule.  Schedule time (not in your productive time) for emails, phone calls and social media.

10)   Remove Big Time Wasters.   TV, Facebook, the internet, email, games, menial tasks, chores, talking on the phone.  Have you ever thought about how much time you give up while doing these things?  If you must (and trust me, I must) engage in these, schedule them and stick to the schedule!  Don’t let them take YOUR day away from you!  Own it!

Bonus Hacks From Phoenix Motivational Speaker Jean Briese

And because I like to deliver more… here are a couple of bonus time hacks:

11) Fill in the Gaps-  Often there is “down time” waiting, at the bank, on hold with customer service, etc.  Consider, making that time productive by bringing along a book, catching up on an article, listening to an audio book, scheduling an appointment, writing a blog or blog ideas.

12) Add an hour.  Still need more time?   Consider getting up an hour earlier.  It’s amazing what can be accomplished while everyone else is asleep and you have no distractions.  Or, use that time to get to the office an hour earlier, when it’s quiet and distraction free.   Perhaps, if you are a night person, stay up an hour later or stay at work an hour later.

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