Phoenix Motivational Speakers | work environment

Phoenix Motivational Speakers | work environment

Jean believes it makes a strong company rise to superior excellence is culture, it’s often overlooked. Culture is often assumed, and often not we think or wanted to be Phoenix motivational speakers gene lease. Culture is sometimes neglected by leaders focused on running their business. It may be viewed as that elusive idea that is out there but that nobody really knows how to change being a great workplace to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company cultures. The only sustainable competitive advantage that is completely within the controlled entrepreneur Jean wants to know what your business could achieve if they traded comfort for courage. He traded circumstances for vision. If you created a culture of imagining the impossible with tactics stepped and proven processes genes message will inspire your team to break the mold shuttering what they thought impossible Phoenix motivational speakers.

Jean is from Phoenix, Arizona in the desert of Sonoran she’s used to the desert but her mind lives in the beautiful world blushing green much grows in her garden of wisdom. Jean is inspiring. She is imaginative. Jean will transform your business shoppers keynote speaking, online learning, teambuilding and private coaching she’s created her business to unleash the game changer and you and your business. She will all be brought and often times more than not to support a program that is struggling with morale. She really shines in offering support Phoenix motivational speakers. She wants to propel your team to greatness. She is a preferred business coach for avail of Anna AT&T and many other award-winning teams. She has experienced a life changing grace as a young teen Alyssa for when they were abandoned by their mother two weeks before Christmas. She became homeless. It was time for her to step up and do something for her family so she went to sales and sales leadership. She created and led an award-winning sales team at one of Fortune’s top 10 companies during her career. Jean has coached countless individuals to becoming the best self. Jean redefines great teams and shatters what has been believed to be impossible Phoenix motivational speakers. She finds the green and the blooms and all the desert of any company she wants to help you shatter the status quo to achieve the impossible. She knows ready to redefine greatness. Jean is an accomplished business leader Phoenix motivational speakers. She is an empowering coach. She is a gifted communicator. Jean brings enormous expertise, insight and energy to her presentations. Jean has an award-winning personality. She holds a powerful message that resonates with people all over the world. She has spoken to entrepreneurs to corporate professionals to nonprofits and women’s groups and all these talks. Jean draws upon her business acumen, personal wisdom and power flex variances mine with relevant data to help your audience both emotionally identify with intended messages and rational’s to change the work atmosphere into an effective work and life Phoenix motivational speakers.Phoenix Motivational Speakers | motivational culture

If you’re feeling down. Jean has felt down before she stood you up not knock you down. She will make your team a thriving one. Her main focus is team morale. She is very knowledgeable in the world of sales. She knows that this is a hard road to travel. This is not a career for those who like to play it safe roller coaster ride of rejection when you hear no one exhilaration with every when her yes Phoenix motivational speakers. She knows that sales requires passion from an entrepreneurial perspective. She knows also requires the cunning of skilled negotiator. When you master the art of sales words are unbelievable just like anything else. Jean’s knowledge in sales is quite diverse. Her experience includes direct telesales channel sales and includes B2B selling to small made and enterprise organizations. Jean has created and led multiple award-winning sales teams Phoenix motivational speakers.

Jean is created and led multiple award-winning sales teams at a Fortune 10 telecommunications company. Jean led her enterprise sales team to be ranked number one in the nation. The growing revenue sales was 300% year-over-year in a declining industry. While Jean was recognized with an award served for the top 1% virtually every member of her team was award-winning salesperson themselves. Jean and personal, professional and financial goals Phoenix motivational speakers. Jean worked with a mid size organization and she took a struggling team then created a high-performing elite culture enabled multiple accolades and saw the team achieve a Stevie award for set telesales team of the year virtually every team. Jean has led has been number one among their peers and be cam an award-winning team. The team is made up of individuals. Therefore Jean coaches. Each of them one-on-one should find out what their personal and professional goals are under her direction. She mentees greater personal financial and professional success using a tried-and-true simple six step approach. Jean can help you exceed your goals and step up your sales game. She’ll make you exceed your expectations. She will help empower you and your team. These six steps are setting your goals, identifying opportunity, getting your game on maximizing your mentors best practices in slang the sale Phoenix motivational speakers.

Jean is hard-working. She strives for the best. She understands what it’s like to balance family life and work life. She felt like her life was fine just having her family, but she’s also very career-oriented at one point she fractured her heel and she is unable to put any weight on her foot and was in severe pain 24 hours a day. It was literally her on her back. She was stuck washes lying there. She realized the parallel and her work life Phoenix motivational speakers. She was feeling stuck there to career in which she had success, but often found herself feeling like this was it for her had to be something else, something more for then Jean had complications in the more complications as each step in the journey and folded it was clear it wasn’t going to be easy to return to normal for her Phoenix motivational speakers.

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