Phoenix Motivational Speakers | empowered coach

Phoenix Motivational Speakers | empowered coach

If you’re in sales, then Jean says you have chosen the road less traveled. The sales career is not for the lighthearted. It’s for people who are risky and who don’t mind hearing no on regular basis when yes is a win. According to Jean succeeding in a sales role require strategy, creativity, preparation, and business acumen. It requires the passion of an entrepreneur and the cutting of a skilled negotiator Phoenix motivational speakers like like anything when you master the skill set for sales very rewarding and unbelievable. Jean has a love and passion for people chose to make a difference in the world. She had a lucrative and successful career in sales as well as sales leadership, working for a Fortune 10 company. Her knowledge in sales is quite diverse Phoenix motivational speakers her expense includes direct telesales channel sales and includes B2B selling to small made and enterprise organizations. Jean has created and led multiple award-winning sales teams to Fortune 10 telecommunications company. She let her enterprise sales team to be ranked number one in the nation. Growing sales revenue by 300% year-over-year in a declining industry.

She has recognized within an awards reserved for the top 1% virtually every member of her team was an award-winning salesperson achieving personal, professional and financial goals while working with a midsize organization. Jean took a struggling team and created a high-performance elite culture enable multiple accolades and saw the team achieve a Stevie award for telesales team of the year, every team. Jean has led has virtually been ranked number one among their peers and become an award-winning team. The team is made up of individuals. She will create award-winning sales teams by coaching 11. Of all the persons available to create their best selves. Under her direction. She makes great integrator whether it be financial or professional success. She six simple steps to achieve its process. The persona setting your goals. Next one is identified in paternity followed by maximizing your mentors. She then suggests best practices in your work industry Phoenix motivational speakers and finally slaying the sale.

Jean is hard-working, optimistic, and born strategist she knows exactly what is needed in a team to create success. She’s inspiring. She’s imaginative. Jean will transform your team. She offers keynote speaking, online learning, teambuilding and private coaching. She’s created her business to unleash the game changer in you and yours Phoenix motivational speakers. Jean was homeless when she finished high school. She was the eldest of four when they were banned by their mother two weeks before Christmas, the role homeless and she was bent on taking care of her family. She was the provider she was there only chance to have a anything normal and I live. She worked really hard and became an award winning salesperson’s created award-winning sales teams. She was an innovator. She was energetic Jean was diligent in performing to the best of her ability and she still is to this day Phoenix motivational speakers.Phoenix Motivational Speakers | innovative speaker

Jean wants to take care of you and your business. She wants to make sure that you enforce the rules and employ the right leadership in your company Phoenix motivational speakers. Her goal is to make your company thrive. She is inspiring in her message will ignite motivation into your work atmosphere. She is inspiring. Jean is imaginative. Jean will transform your business into a successful one shoppers keynote speaking, online learning, teambuilding and private coaching. She’s created her business to unleash the game changer and you she is the preferred coach for they are Vona, AT&T and many other award-winning teams. She also helps coach corporate entities. She is a desert baby. She lives in the center and desert of Phoenix, Arizona. She’s a native to the area. The desert is sparse and dry and that’s what she’s used to. While much of the world is lush and green her early years are much like the desert being dry and sparse Phoenix motivational speakers.

When Jean’s mother left. She and her siblings. One Christmas. She became homeless after completing her high school education. She went on to build an abundant career in sales and sales leadership. She created and led an award-winning sales team at one of Fortune’s top 10 companies through Jean’s career. She has coached countless individuals to becoming their best selves by redefining great teams and shattering what was believed impossible. Jean believes that the desert blooms in the most unlikely places, whether it be through rock or through parched, barren grounds. Sometimes life has a funny way of breaking through and delivering a stunning show of strength as the ceiling blooms wherever it find itself planted. This can apply to people as well. Whether you find yourself and fertile soul parched desert ground. Do you find yourself asking if this is all there is? Phoenix motivational speakers want you to shatter the status quo and to achieve the impossible. Jean is ready to redefine your greatness. She is an accomplished business leader empowering coach and gifted communicator. She brings enormous expertise, insight and energy to her presentations. People all over the world have taken note of genes powerful message from entrepreneurs to corporate professionals to nonprofits and women’s groups in every talk Jean draws upon her business acumen, personal wisdom and powerful experiences. They are combined with the relevant data to help your audience both emotionally identify with the intended message and rationalize the change they need to effect in their work and their lives Phoenix motivational speakers. Jean wants to bring life and your business shows to make an extraordinary. Jean will discuss how to make the right choices on leadership. She wants to give you a team full of a game players Jean wants to help you understand what it means that the right product at the right time, having a great mixture of all these things can create a high-performing team Phoenix motivational speakers. She wants you to break through the mold and create a higher performing business. She believes culture is often overlooked often assumed and often not what we think it is or what we wanted to be.

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