Phoenix Keynote Speaker | What Services Does She Offer?

When you need a Phoenix keynote speaker, you’re going to want to book Jean Briese. She is phenomenal and always leaves her audiences wanting more. She is top of the line when it comes to public speaking. Not only does she provide quality and solid content, that she is energetic, fine, humorous, and simply makes you want to get up and be your best to you. She had a rough start at the beginning and she loves her story to Wentz and empowers others to continue going even when it feels like you can.

She is well-versed in presenting to large groups of people. She is a mastermind and an inspiring leader. She has serious knowledge of the sales industry and she loves sharing her viewpoints and encouragements with others. Her reviews Allstate how fun she is and how exciting the presentations are. We’ve all been in those speaking engagements where you politely want you to find a reason to slip out of the room without hurting anybody’s feelings, or you are slowly falling asleep in your chair and keep getting nudged by her neighbors.

As a Phoenix keynote speaker, Jean Briese is not one of those public speakers to cause you to wish you spent your time elsewhere. Keeps her audience engaged in wanting more. She’s an aspect for engagements multiple times and continues to be booked by others as word-of-mouth spreads about her expertise and all over wonderful personality. She is a sales coach and she knows that having a sales career is not for those who like to play safe. In her speaking engagements, she breaks it down for you but has no fear of tough love.

She is a love for people and she wants to make a difference. She has built an extremely successful career and has experience in multiple industries that include telesales, it needs to be selling, enterprise organization, and direct sales, and more. She was also a sales team leader and a Fortune 10 company where she grew her company and sales revenue by over 300% in an industry that had previously been declining. She offers six steps to success that she will go over and her presentations. Setting goals, identifying an opportunity, getting a game on, maximizing your mentors, best practices, and slaying the sale are her methods to her madness.

When you need the best of the best in Phoenix keynote speaker, then you will want to book Jean Briese to come and speak to you and your company. She will inspire all of your employees to live the best life in their best selves and that will ultimately inspire a sense of urgency and non-complacency and your company. This always leads to good things and will ultimately give you a chance to grow as well. You can give her a call at 602-625-6071 or visit her website at where you can view all of her information and find out how you can book her for your next speaking engagement.

Phoenix Keynote Speaker | What Services Does She Offer?

Jean Briese is a Phoenix keynote speaker, who travels all over the country speaking to large companies and groups of people. She is a public speaker who does sales coaching and will lead all of your leadership meetings as well as help inspire your employees as well as your partners and yourself even into a greater personal and financial success. She is a six-step approach and she will help you to exceed your goals and step up your game. She is a no-nonsense kind of sales coach. However, she is loving and gives her heart and passion to people every day.

Her six-step sales approach is to set your goals, then identify your opportunity, then get your game on. Your next answer then is to maximize your mentors, use your best practices, and then ultimately slay the sale. When you use the six steps you are guaranteed to you then build your business or further your success in whatever industry you’re in. She loves to inspire and create a sense of urgency and elite culture and the businesses that she speaks in. She knows that I will and sales are not for those who like to play safe and she offers a strategy and creativity and how to further yourself.

This Phoenix keynote speaker is there to assist you and taking your career to the next level. She has worked in a fortune to the company where she led her sales revenue and team to over 300% in the declining industry that they were in. She’s also worked direct sales, channel sales, B2B selling, and other mid/enterprise organizations. Because of her rough start early in life, Jean knows what it’s like to want and need, and she wants to see others succeed and never have to feel those things. She was homeless after high school and used her tragedy to build a better and brighter life for herself and her future family.

She has helped countless companies and individuals to explore their successes and find their dreams and chase them and she loves to bring her passion and spread it to others. She has resources on her website that you can check out and download for yourself. She offers a chance to have a career of excellence. She wants people to become who they are meant to be and she has the inspirations and encouragement to help them do so. She has over 20 years of leadership and coaching experience and has been given a multitude of awards for her knowledge and expertise in the industry.

When you want to book a Phoenix keynote speaker, look no further than the chamber he’s. She is the best of the best and if you go on her website at you will see that all of her testimonials are more than raving. Every single one of them talks about how she is changing their lives and help them better themselves and their careers. You can also give her a call at 602-625-6071 and book her for a speaking engagement today.

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