Best Phoenix Motivational Speaker | What Areas Does She Service?

When you are need of the best Phoenix motivational speaker, then you will want to book Jean Briese. She is the highest-rated and reviewed public speaker for sales coaching and she is about to get more large and small companies alike for their meetings and their conferences. She wants everyone to be able to enjoy life and that each in order to succeed in a way that they want. She travels all over the country and has grown her business exponentially simply by speaking on her life experiences and encouraging other leaders to hustle.

If you want to call her she can be reached by phone or on your website. She also has social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She can be reached by all these outlets and would love to be booked for your conference or large-company meeting today. She also has a blog on her website where you can read more of her insights and hear a little from her own mind and thoughts before you book. Something to pull news outlets and continues to receive high praise from although she encounters.

For all of your conference and company meeting needs for the best phoenix motivational speaker, you need to book Jean Briese to speak. She is the best of the best and she focuses on empowering leaders and companies/employees to be their best selves and really hustle for whatever it is they want out of life. Jean had a rough start in life when her mother abandoned her and her three siblings right before Christmas. She was the oldest and therefore left to care for her younger siblings. After high school she was homeless but she decided to use her tragedies to build an abundant life for herself.

Jane has worked in multiple different businesses where she was in sales and sales leadership. She worked for a Fortune 10 company where they were in a declining industry. However, she took her team and raise them to everyone in the nation, and grew the company sales by 300% year after year. She has received multiple businesses and leadership awards and continues to inspire others around you, and be the best in the industry. She is noted as being able to develop sales skills that are far beyond the best business. She focuses not just on growing the company but on the individual as well.

When you are in need of the best Phoenix motivational speaker, then you need to call Jean Briese. She is top-notch and she will have the power you as a business and you also empower your employees and those around them. She can be reached at 602-625-6071 or you can visit her website at You can book her services through either these outlets or you can go to her social media pages and quicker there as well. Whatever the cost to book it is well worth it because you will exponentially be changed in how you approach your business and your employees. If you aren’t sure, then look on her website and read the reviews. You can also look at her blog and see what you think.

Best Phoenix Motivational Speaker | What Areas Does She Service?

Jean Briese is the best Phoenix motivational speaker, travels all over to deliver empowering and encouraging public speaking engagements to the companies and large audiences who book her. She is a sales coach and makes her living on speaking to others about her personal life experience and professional experience, as well as sharing the knowledge and wisdom that she’s gained from other successful leaders and entrepreneurs. She wants to not only help your business grow but your individuals within the business as well. She empowers you to want to make these choices and decisions on your own because ultimately it’s up to you to change a life.

Jean had a rough start in life when at a young age her mother abandoned her and her siblings two weeks before Christmas. She was the oldest of four and was then left to give her three younger siblings. After high school, she was homeless and had nothing, but she decided to take a tragedy and make it to abundant life for herself. She speaks on things such as shattering the status quo, empowering women, overcoming obstacles, and work. She was all of her listeners to find their superpower and 172 be able to channel it anytime an obstacle comes to pass. She also wants women to be able to find their place in the business and entrepreneurial worlds and to be able to far exceed the expectations and limitations upon them by others and themselves.

If your company is in need of a shakeup, then book the best Phoenix motivaitonal speaker, Jean Briese. She can help you to figure out just exactly what it is that makes the best of the best team. She also will break down what it is about the leadership, the employees, the expectations, and all else that comes into play when trying to build a great team and a great business. It is not just up to the employer to make their company successful. They have to hire the right people and they will have to be of a like mind that they want to excel in life so they can become successful. You can find videos of her speaking engagements and blogs on YouTube.

Jean wants to empower women to dream big and then make it happen. She despises the stigma that simply because someone is a woman, they cant do the job just as well or even better. She has statistics on her website that she uses in her speaking engagements that state women earn 60% of undergraduate degrees. They also earn 60% of all Masters’s degrees. They also account for 47% of the US labor force and 49% of the college-educated workforce. These statistics continue to change as more and more women become successful business owners, entrepreneurs, college graduates, and more.

As you look to book the best Phoenix keynote speaker, then you need to call Jean. She can be reached at 602-625-6071 or found on her website at She does not just speak to women, but she wants all genders to understand the power that we each have as individuals that has nothing to do with our gender. Book her today, you won’t be sorry!

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