Find Phoenix Motivational Speaker | What Makes Her Unique?

When you’re looking to book a speaker for your engagement either in your company or a large audience, then you’re going to want to find Phoenix motivational speaker, and that is Jean Briese. She is the best of the best and she uses her knowledge and expertise in the sales field to not only grow teams but to grow individuals as well as companies. She also empowers women and encourages them to step out of the glasshouse that they been given and really do whatever it is that their heart set on doing. She also speaks on overcoming obstacles and then using them to channel your inner superhero.

Jean had a less than favorable childhood. Her mother abandoned her when she was young and, as the oldest of four, she was then left to care for her siblings. When she graduated she was homeless and decided that she was not going to become a victim of her circumstances but rather would overcome them and would be the rock star that she knew she was. She used her tragic start to build an abundant life for her and her family. She now goes all over the country to speak to individuals and companies in order to inspire growth and others.

Jean has a heart and passion for helping others and she wants to make sure that everybody is working to their utmost potential. She knows that for business to grow it takes all the employees also growing. She loves to do teambuilding and help businesses and employees alike to grow not only in themselves but then together as a whole. She posts on her website so that you can read her blogs and continue growing even when she is speaking right in front of you. She has social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

No matter what is going on in your life, you can always overcome it by believing in yourself and pushing through whatever anybody puts in your way. She loves to empower women and focuses on helping them to understand that they do not have to live by the standards that have been pushed on them by other people. Women make up over half of all of the college graduates, workforce, etc. and it is absurd that women are still not given the same opportunities sometimes as men.

Jean is truly the best of us to motivational speaking. She is the highest-rated in the Phoenix area and she continues to be booked by new companies and past clients alike. She can be reached at 602-625-6071 if you’d like to book her over the phone. You can also visit her website at She also posts videos to her YouTube page so if you would like to watch her speak when you’re not able to be there, you can watch her speaking engagements as well. She posts blogs he can read what she has to say and get an insight into her mind and what she thinks. Call her today and the car for your engagement!

Find Phoenix Motivational Speaker | What Makes Her Unique?

When you need to find a motivational speaker, then look no further than Chambers. She is a native to Phoenix Arizona and travels all over the country doing speaking engagements for large and small audiences alike. Businesses hire her to come and speak to their companies when they want to build or focus on growing the individuals within the company so that they can then grow the company as a whole. She also speaks to groups for women and wants to empower them to bust out of the glasshouses that they been placed on and push towards all the success that they dream of. She knows that empowering the individual is ultimately what is going to empower the entire world.

When Jean was younger she was not given an easy start. After her mother abandoned her, she was off to take care of her three younger siblings. When she graduated high school she was homeless and had nothing but her degree. Consider using this as a dramatic start to her life and becoming a victim or turning to drugs, alcohol, etc. She decided to use it to then turn her experience into a weapon. She has made this into extremely abundant life for herself and her family and she now uses it to encourage others to push past any obstacles may be placed in front of them.

There is no motivational speaker to book, other than Jean. She is who you want to call when you need to find Phoenix, the motivational speaker. Jane has six steps to success that she explores in all of her conferences. These are: setting your goals, identifying the opportunity, getting your game on, maximizing your mentors, best practices, and ultimately slaying the sale. Like all entrepreneurs she knows that sales are just the first break in a skyscraper of success. Once you master sales you can then ultimately run your path towards the life that you want for yourself and your family.

A lot of people are not sure what they want to do but they know that they need to overcome some things in order to do them. She can help. She speaks of overcoming obstacles and has overcome plenty herself so she uses her experience and personal and professional life to empower others to either step up and change needs to be changed or make the moves that need to be made in order to give themselves the best chance possible to succeed in the way that they want to go. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur or business owner to book her. She can speak simply on teambuilding or on empowering women. Whatever you need you can book her for your engagement.

To look any further than Jean Bree’s when you need to find Phoenix motivational speaker. You can give her a call 602-625-6071 or you can visit her website at she is the best of the best and will assist in any of your needs for your company or your team building and growth. Give her a call today, you will not be disappointed!

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