Business Coach Phoenix | What Questions Do You Have?

If you’re looking for a business coach Phoenix, then look no further than Jean Briese. She is the top of her industry and she is the highest-rated one additional speaker in her area. She travels all over the country however so no matter what your location, she can come to you for your speaking engagement. If you want to do teambuilding or show your employees how to crush the obstacles around them, then she is your go-to. She can also do engagements for women’s encouragement as well.

As a young woman, Jean had a pretty difficult time. Her mother abandoned her when she was just in high school and want to raise her three younger siblings. As she graduated high school, she was homeless and could’ve easily used her situation as a path to being a victim for the rest of her life and using her tragedy as a crutch. However, she decided that she is going use it instead as a large boulder she could step on and reach the top of the success ladder. She can help to instill that same sense of superhero power into your employees or organizational staff.

When you need to find a business coach Phoenix for your company, then give Jean a call. She can help you with doing team building for your employees. Successful entrepreneurs and business owners know how important it is to have just the right work culture for your business to succeed. If you have a business full of employees who are happy, motivated, driven, desiring to excel in every way possible, then your business is definitely going to thrive. If you have a business of people who are just okay with being mediocre, then your business will never be able to push through the mold and be at the top of your industry.

If you’re wanting to do a speaking engagement for women, then Jean is your girl. She loves speaking to women about encouraging themselves and the workplace. Whether they are business owners, entrepreneurs, or simply and positions of power in their companies or organizations, then she wants to instill a sense of urgency to shatter that glass ceiling is a place for so many years. As far and amazingly progressive as women’s rights of calm, there are still those unfortunate circumstances where women are not given a job because of their gender or their something not respected because of it. She wants to break this.

Look no further than Jean Briese for your business coach Phoenix needs. She is the best of the best and she will work with you to further whatever the goals are for your business and your employees. She can be reached by phone at 602-625-6071 or on her website at Give her a call today and see just how she can help you in your organization to succeed more. Or view her video testimony from her past clients and see why they choose to book her every time.

Business Coach Phoenix | What Questions Do You Have?

If you are unsure what a business coach Phoenix does or why businesses and companies use them for company meetings, then check out Jean Briese. She is the top motivational speaker in her area and she is the highest-rated as well. Businesses and organizations hire her for their speaking engagements so they can boost the morale and their organization and instill a sense of empowerment and encouragement in their employees and staff. She can speak on teambuilding and overcoming obstacles. She also speaks on empowering women as well.

You might ask why she is able to speak of things, and the answer is easy. She has won multiple awards in the sales industry and has worked for a variety of different sales companies. One being a Fortune 10 telecommunications company where she brought her team to everyone in the nation and grew the company revenue by 300% multiple years in a row. She also has a few different methods of madness to success. One of those being a six-step process: setting goals, identifying opportunities, getting your game on, maximizing your mentors, best practices, and then displaying the sale.

If you need a business coach Phoenix for helping your staff and employees to overcome obstacles, then Jean is the one for you. She will assist you by sharing her personal hardships and also that she herself is overcome, and how she’s used as a stepping stone for her path to success. She has multiple situations where she could have used her situations as crutches to be a victim for the thrive and as excuses for making bad decisions but said she uses them to propel her to the top of her history and becoming the most successful she could have ever dreamed she would be.

If you have a women’s group or organization and you would like a speaking engagement, then Jean can come for that. She believes that women in the workforce are not always as respected and revered as we would hope that they would be. As far as women’s rights and equality have come, there are still those rare circumstances where women are not given a job because of their gender. There are also some situations where the men under women of power do not respect or concede to them the way that they would if it were a man in charge. She wishes to help women find the courage to shatter the glass placed on them for centuries.

If you’re looking for a business coach Phoenix for next speaking engagement, then look no further than Jean Briese. She is highly enthusiastic and energized and helps to inspire the and others. If you want your business to continue growing and to establish or continue building the type of work culture that you know your business needs to succeed, then bring her to your next engagement. You can call her at 602-625-6071 or visit her website at Give her a call today, you won’t be disappointed!

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