Best Phoenix Motivational Speaker | Why Is Jean Unique?


There is no doubt that Jean Briese is the best phoenix motivational speaker. When you need to book someone for your next corporate meeting, speaking engagement, women’s retreat, self-help then you will want to connect with Jean. She has professional and personal experiences to help her relate to her audience and that is why she is the best at what she does. She can connect team members and help individuals to grow.

As a child, she experienced a great tragedy when her mother abandoned her and her siblings and left Jean to raise them on her own. She was merely in high school and because of the experience, she was forced to start her career and life with nothing. She then decided that my life was going to be more than what she had been given by her family and she was going to live a life of abundance. She then went on to be one of the best sales leaders as well as the Best Phoenix Motivational Speaker to those who need encouragement to get out of their situations.

When you need the best Phoenix motivational speaker, Jean is who to go to. We have a women’s group and would like a speaker for the department, then you need to book Jean. She believes the women’s workforce is still a long way from where it should be. Although equality in the workplace has come a long way, there are still women who are not given for positions that they deserve simply because of their gender. She was to empower women to overcome this and send everyone believes in and for what they deserve in the workforce. Statistics show that women can do just as well as men in leadership positions and she wants to push this message.

If you’re wanting to build your corporation into one of cohesiveness, then Jean can tear the company on teambuilding. She is that it is not only important to have a great company and a great product, but also a great work culture. If your employees are getting along and you will admin is respectfully managing them the business will thrive. Constantly bettering and fighting and work is being done and then the business does not grow. She focuses on helping your team members to grow together and you and how to manage conflict positively so that your company can focus on important watches customer relationships and product selling.

As you search for the best Phoenix national speaker, then look no further than Jean Briese. She is located in the Phoenix Arizona area however she can travel all over for speaking engagements so where you are located she can come to you. You can visit her website at where you can view all of our services as well read reviews about why she is the best of the best. She is the highest rated motivational speaker in her area and she continues to be booked for new and reoccurring speaking engagements. You can also give her a call 60262560713 care representative about how you can put Jean Briese to come and speak to your company or group today.

Best Phoenix Motivational Speaker | Why Is Jean Unique?

As you search for the best Phoenix motivational speaker, then you will want to look at Jean. She has the professional experience to help coach your team in building together or in simply helping them to manage their positions in your company better. She also speaks at women’s engagements and helps to empower them. She can also come and speak at your group meeting on overcoming obstacles in life. She has the personal experiences that will relate to anyone in her audience.

Jean has had to overcome a lot in her personal life and she uses those experiences to connect her with her audience. She is unique because she pulls from the things that she has personally experienced and uses them to help others. She is also being discouraged in leadership positions because she has experienced this kind of thing and wants to help other women know how to overcome them and how to force themselves to that they deserve and to get the respect they deserve. On the women are seen in leadership sessions all around now, there is still some pushback from those whose minds have not progressed and she wants to continue breaking down those walls until it is no longer an issue when a woman is in a place of power.

She can also speak to your group, as the best Phoenix motivational speaker, on overcoming obstacles in life. She was abandoned as a young teen and left to raise her siblings on her own. Instead of letting this determine how her life was going to go, she used it as her driving motivation. She wanted to live a life of abundance and happiness and was not going to let her family decisions dictate where her life was going. She uses this to connect with her audience and wants them to know that no matter what is going on, they can overcome it if they just persist and persevere.

If you have a corporate meeting or companywide lecture that you would like her to speak, then she can help with teambuilding. She knows that work culture and atmosphere are just as important as the products that you sell and the company that you own. She can help with making your teamwork as a cohesive piece rather than individual cogs in the machine. As a sales team member, she worked for multiple companies. One, in particular, helped to boost revenues 300%, even though they were in a dying industry, and she did so multiple years in a row.

As the best Phoenix motivational speaker, Jean is the most unique and the most effective. She is the highest-rated and you can go to our website at to read these reviews to see all the services that she offers. You can also give her a call 602-625-6071 speak to a representative for putting her for your next speaking engagement. You can view her blog post on her website as well and subscribe to them.

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