Elevate your event with Jean Briese, the #1 5-star rated motivational speaker in Phoenix, Arizona, and the most booked speaker for three consecutive years on TheBash.com.


Premier Motivational Speaker in Phoenix - Jean Briese

Harnessing her extensive background as a business leader, empowering coach, and masterful communicator, Jean Briese delivers impactful presentations as a keynote speaker that leave audiences inspired and ready for action. From entrepreneurs to corporate professionals, nonprofits, to women’s groups, Jean’s dynamic messages resonate globally.

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Benefits of hiring Jean Briese as a motivational speaker for your team or event:

Drawing from her wealth of experience and data-driven insights, Jean seamlessly blends personal anecdotes with practical wisdom to emotionally engage audiences and drive tangible change in both their professional and personal lives.

Inspiration and Motivation

With Jean Briese as your motivational speaker, your team will be inspired by her compelling personal journey of overcoming obstacles and achieving success. Her uplifting messages will ignite motivation and instill a sense of purpose within your team members.

Boosting Morale

She brings a contagious positivity and enthusiasm to her presentations, instantly boosting morale within your team. Her engaging and encouraging delivery creates an atmosphere of optimism and empowerment.

Building Confidence

Through her empowering messages and practical strategies, Jean Briese will help your team members build confidence in themselves and their abilities. They’ll learn to embrace challenges with courage and conviction.

Enhancing Team Dynamics

She facilitates interactive team-building activities that promote collaboration, communication, and trust. Your team will strengthen their relationships and work more cohesively towards common goals.

Setting Goals and Vision

Jean Briese will guide your team in clarifying their goals and creating a clear vision for the future. With her insights and expertise, your team will be aligned and focused on achieving success.

Improving Productivity

She shares proven strategies for improving productivity and performance. Your team will learn valuable techniques to work smarter and accomplish more in less time.

Managing Change

Jean Briese helps teams navigate change with resilience and adaptability. Your team will embrace change as an opportunity for growth and transformation, rather than a source of uncertainty.

Promoting Personal Growth

She encourages continuous personal growth and development among team members. With her guidance, individuals will unlock their full potential and become the best versions of themselves.

Speaking of Resilience and Determination

A Phoenix native, Jean’s journey from the arid landscapes of the Sonoran Desert to the forefront of the motivational speaking circuit is nothing short of remarkable. Despite facing homelessness and armed with only a high school education, Jean defied the odds to forge a thriving career in sales, earning accolades for her leadership and innovation at Fortune’s Top Ten Companies.

Now, as a sought-after motivational speaker in Phoenix, Jean Briese epitomizes resilience and transformation. Her compelling story serves as a beacon of hope, demonstrating that even in the most challenging environments, growth and success are attainable.

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