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Unleash Your Super Powers

It all started with the end.  Through a series of swiftly occurring events, Jean found herself experiencing the loss of her mother, her job and her church all within weeks of each other. She had been praying that life would slow down, but this was not what she had in mind.  Many of the things that she thought defined the person who is Jean Briese were now gone.  Losing her mother brought up old feelings, memories of standing in lines to get free food so that we could eat, the pain of abandonment, the shame of being a “bad kid” because Santa didn’t visit  your house.  She had worked hard to create a life that wasn’t defined by her beginnings.  Jean had enjoyed a long and lucrative career in sales and sales leadership that afforded her luxuries she could have only imagined as a child; the IT car, the beautiful large home, designer clothes.  And she was respected not only at work, but in her church parish where she served in multiple roles.  Jean is a leader.   How did she find herself here, motherless, jobless, and not comfortable at her own church?

Over the next couple of years, Jean would go through a transformation, as she discovered her true purpose and how her life experiences had been leading to this purpose.   Jean would discover the superpowers within each of us, that once unleased, are unbound.  Limitless.  Powers that allow you to achieve the impossible, to overcome fear. Powers that take you straight to the life you imagine.

How about you?   Feeling Stuck? Feeling Burned Out?  Do you have a feeling inside that there is more than what you are currently living?   Are you ready for more in your personal and professional life?
In Jean’s professional career she has coached hundreds of people to greater personal and professional success. She has helped countless activate the power they already owned to become the best version of themselves, professionally and personally.  She saw the more in them, and helped them to see it too.

By working with Jean we will go through a 5 step process designed to help unleash your own superpowers.

  1. Imagine- What are your dreams/goals?
  2. Identify- What are your superpowers, the unique characteristic and talents that will lead you to our personal and professional best?
  3. Believe- What new beliefs do you need to engage and activate your superpowers? What beliefs do you need to let go in order to soar?
  4. Engage- Bringing your superpowers and dreams together.
  5. Activate your Power – Putting the powers into action.
In a world of countless opportunities and constant change, there is a desperate need for people to know themselves
Many smart people realize they need to get focused in their lives but just don’t know how to do it. They find themselves continually drawn into situations and responsibilities which yield disappointing results, lack of fulfillment or have little impact.
Your One Degree is a process that has been developed and field tested over the past two decades. Our goal is to help you:
  • Have a more precise and useful description of yourself
  • Grow in your relationship with the Lord, by understanding your design
  • Gain skill in making better daily decisions that are more in line with who you are
  • Get on a path of greater purpose, focus, effectiveness, and satisfaction
The people who gain the most from this process are those looking for a better life, not just a better job. Jean will guide you through this process, teaching you how to focus your life, make better decisions – moving away from roles, functions, and activities that are not productive.

Here’s what Jean’s clients are saying:

Linda Bosart
“You will be inspired.”
Linda Bosart

Sue Pierce

“The sincere message she communicates is life changing.”
Sue Pierce    

Don Browning

“Jean is particularly adept in the art of helping others to bring out the best in themselves.
Don Browning

Jim Salas
“She is focused and completely dedicated to ensuring your individual success. Her loyalty and ability to motivate those around her made you want to be a better sales person. “
Jim Salas

“Your One Degree changed the way I look at myself, God, and the world around me. God knew what He was doing when He uniquely crafted me. It wasn’t a mistake or an afterthought, and I have something to contribute to the people in my life. And thanks largely to One Degree, I can honestly say that I’ve found my purpose…my calling…my ‘one degree.’ I’m forever grateful for this program and for the humble coach that guided me on my much-needed journey of discovery.”  

AJ Hofstetter