Empowering Women

Imagine you are in an interview for a promotion.

You excel in your current position. Your supervisor has said there is no one better suited for the promotion. You’re qualified, you’re experienced, you’re excited to do more for your organization and its clients. As the interview wraps up, the hiring manager leans in and says, “We’re just not sure a woman can do this job!
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That's my story!

I had a lot of success and made a lot of $$ doing that job and others, that they didn’t think a woman could do. And here we are today.

Women are 50.8% of the U.S. Population

  • Women earn 60 percent of undergraduate degrees and 60 percent of all master’s degrees.
  • Women earn 47 percent of all law degrees and 48 percent of all medical degrees.
  • Women earn 38 percent of MBAs and 48 percent of specialized master’s degrees.
  • Women account for 47 percent of the U.S. labor force and 49 percent of the college-educated workforce.
Its A Mans World

As women, we do things differently

Women are 50.8% of the U.S. Population

The data shows that these differences bring greatness.

So much of what we have been taught about – leadership, sales, being a business owner – have come from a male perspective. Our culture doesn’t always value the feminine traits that bring out our greatness.

As a successful woman sales leader and business owner, I have unlocked the secrets to freedom, impact, and income.

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I want to help you unleash the greatness in you.

My clients move quickly from stressed to blessed and from tired to inspired, all the while having fun and shattering limits.

But don't take it from me – here's what my clients have to say

“Jean is life-changing. Literally.“

Jennifer Croom

“I watched Jean transform a large team of individuals in a very positive way, producing both engaged employees and driving business results. Using her leadership skills, she helped the team rebuild their identity and their brand. She motivated the team members by using her natural abilities to inspire and build people up – way up! Jean truly cares about people and helping them succeed and excel.”

Beth Chepelsky

Director, Learning and Development

“Jean Briese remains as one of the most influential leaders on my career. Jean has an incredible ability to coach and motivate teams, and I thank her for investing the time in teaching me her ways.”

J. Coulter

Vice President, InfinityHR

“I have had the privilege of working with Jean and been witness first hand to her ability to recharge depleted morale and bring renewed purpose and energy to teams.”

M. Holloway

“Jean is dynamite! Sometimes we know what to do but lack the confidence and accountability to make it happen. Jean tapped into what I needed very quickly and I am on my way to creating the business I always knew I was capable of having. Thanks Jean for making me do the things I don’t want to do to have the things I always wanted to have!!!“

Jennifer Dimeck

Owner, Provident Consultant

“Jean is a leader in every sense of the word. I can personally attest to her ability to elevate those around her to new heights. Not only does she possess that little something extra that not many have but she helps others find it within themselves. Thank you Jean.”

Jesse Wolfe

“Jean has been a mentor to me in so many ways. Her wisdom and advice has taken me a long way and I am so grateful to her. She can diagnose and improve any organization she encounters!”

Kellie Grimm

“I’d highly recommend her to anyone seeking to meet and exceed their potential!!!”

Maria Elena G. Rubio

MA, HBCE, HBIM, Owner, HypnoBirthing International

“I’ve only worked with Jean for a short time, but the results I’m seeing from her sales techniques have exceeded many years in the past. She’s a pleasure to work with and seriously knows what she’s talking about. If you want to dream big and achieve your sales goals, Jean is the one to talk to.”

Phaedra Earhart

Owner, Earhart Farmers Agency

“Jean helped me realize how much I can grow. Her power is to inspire others. The best thing was that it felt like I can take this into the real world. Come prepared to have fun! “

Lillianna M.

“Jean is amazing and inspiring! She is a visionary in her field! She is honest and sincere. She has that personal touch that is amazing and always on target whether you are down and need to talk, or at the top of your game and need a push to get to the next level. Thank you for all you have done for me over the years!!!”

C. Johnson

“Jean is a dynamic, kind, empathetic and inspirational mentor and leader. She’s brought out the best in me and I’ve been able to share my new found confidence with my family, friends and colleagues. Thank you! You’ve been my shining star when my sky was dim.”

Maria Aguiere

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