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This content was written for Jean Briese

Jean Briese been able to help hundreds of women learned that their of values, ideas, and dreams are valued. She’s been able to be Phoenix womens motivational speaker of the year, and she has made it happen. She’ll want to share her experiences to you and how she has overcome a male-dominated workforce, and how she has been able to go from stressed to blessed with just a few easy steps and processes. If you have any questions for Jean Briese, call her at (602) 625-6071, because we would love to schedule a time for her to come speak at your seminar or conference.

Jean Briese want to share one of the experiences that has led her to become so successful. Jean Briese worked in an industry before she became Phoenix womens motivational speaker that allowed her to succeed, and make a lot of money. However even with her creative and innovative ideas, even though she excelled in her sales team, she’s extremely qualified and experienced and even her supervisor said that there is no one better suited for a promotion she had apply to, once she made it to the interview, she was told that which is not sure a woman can do this job.

Can you imagine how frustrating that with you, being the most qualified and experienced personnel for the job, but because you are female rather than male, they will not get the job to you. You have proven time and time again, that you’re willing to put in the hard work, intelligence to learn the skills necessary to not only get the job done, but to exceed all expectations. You built your clientele, and organization from the ground up, but none of your success is recognized because you work in a male-dominated workforce.

You may think seriously. My supervisor just say that, that is exactly what Jean Briese experience before she became one of Phoenix womens motivational speaker extraordinaire. And since then she has used that to fuel her desire to become so successful in everything she does. She has seen a lot of success, and has made a lot of money doing the job that supervisors, friends, and others have said that they didn’t think a woman could do. And here she’s the one of the most successful motivational speakers and all of Arizona. She’s traveled around to many businesses, offices, and met with people one on one, and with groups.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (602) 625-6071 to see how you can get to be as successful as Jean Briese. Did you know that at least .8% of the US population is women. And over 60% of undergraduate degrees are earned by women, and 60% of all master degrees earned by women. If we are the ones who are working so hard to become recognized in this industry is by our actions, and what we do daily, the environment being more recognized in the workforce. So if you want to learn how you can unleash your superpowers and become more successful today contacted our members here at Jean Briese, because they’re so many ways to help you.

Phoenix womens motivational speaker | Empowering thoughts

This content was written for Jean Briese

You know that women earn at least 40% of all law degrees, and 48% of all medical degrees. And over 60% of women in the United States earn all undergraduate degrees and 60% of women earn masters degrees. Unfortunately, there are not as high numbers seen of women working in the industry, or workforce. Many women have claim that they are unhappy in their career field, because they are not given the opportunities to excel. Even though they tried their hardest to learn the skill set, and even become the most suited for promotions, they are often passed up because we live in a male dominant world. If this is you, you need to attend Phoeix womens motivational speaker Jean Briese seminar.

Women account for only 47% of the US labor’s horse, and 49% of the college educated workforce. That means that there is a 51% of the college educated workforce that is male dominant. That 53% of the US labor force is run by men, and I’m not saying that men do not work hard, and are not always deserving of promotions, but often times we still work in industries and workforces where you really have to push back against stereotype. Jean Briese is one of the most amazing Phoenix womens motivational speaker, because she is really able to help you realize your untapped potential.

Regardless of what industry you work in, she will teach you a step-by-step processes to make your creative and innovative ideas known. Because often times our ideas are shot down because we are women, or because we have a more creative, or different a coat to solving a problem. Just because our ideas or visions made the difference, does not mean that they can prove to be more successful in solution solving issues. So if you’re ready to lock in on your untapped potential, it becomes superwoman you know you can be, contact Jean Briese.

When you attend one of Jean Briese Phoenix womens motivational speaker conferences, you’ll find that she is able to overdeliver on your expectations. She’s able to do so and provide a vile factor, because she’s worked hard to be the highest rate sales leader in the nation. She not only provides for services to you because it’s her job, but she really wants to help create a welcoming environment for women in the workforce. Because she knows that there are many women who were not being recognized for their exceptional skills and ideas, and she wants to help reverse that mindset and thinking.

As women we do things differently. Data has shown that that these differences can bring greatness, and more fresh ideas to your workforce. We’ve seen 14% higher revenue growth overall for business in the United States, as well as 19% higher quarterly profits when women’s ideas and methods are implemented into your business model. When you have a retail store, or business with gender diversity you will see exceptional growth, because your team is able to work more as a whole unit, rather than work divided. It’s time to take back the workforce, and help many businesses the gender diversity.

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