Phoenix Keynote Speaker | What Services Do We Offer?


Are you in need of a Phoenix Keynote Speaker? Then look no further than Jean Briese! She is the best in the business and she has years of experience in motivational and encouragement speaking. She has the life experience as well as the professional, to offer a multitude of advice and bring a level of authenticity to any meeting that she attends. If your company or group needs growth coaching or simply teamwork encouragement, then you will want to work with Jean.

As a child, Jean experienced a traumatic loss when her mother pinned her and her siblings. She was left to raise her brothers and sisters and she was merely in high school. After high school, she was homeless and decided that she wanted to build a life of abundance rather than to wallow in her tragedy. She uses this experience as well as others, to help people through their life situations. And because of this, she will bring encouragement and motivation to any speaking engagement. She has made a career in her sales and motivational speaking experiences and she is you want to book for your speaking engagement for your company.

When you need a Phoenix Keynote speaker, then you will want to book Jean Briese. She is an incredible sales coach and she has the personal experience to back it up. She was involved in telesales, channel sales, enterprise organizations, and more. She worked in a fortune telecommunications company when she grew her team’s revenue by 300% multiple years in a row. No matter what team she was on, Jean continually helped them rank #1 in their industry, field, etc. She was so determined to be the best that she always brought her team to the top with her every time.

If you choose to work with Jean and bring her in to speak to your organization or at your engagement, she will explore 6 steps to success with you and those attending. These include: identifying an opportunity, gearing up, setting goals, best practice, maximizing mentors, and crushing sales. You will leave her speech feeling empowered and ready to take on the world. You can book her for a company speaking engagement, a women’s retreat, or simply to come and speak at your monthly meeting to more individually empower your squad to greatness!

Look no further than Jean Briese when you need a Phoenix Keynote Speaker. She is the absolute best in the business and she has the ratings and reviews to prove it. You can visit her website at where you can view all of the services she offers, as well as read the reviews from past and current clients. She can also be reached by phone at 602-625-6071 where a representative will assist you in booking the best motivational speaker you could hope to find. Don’t wait! Book Jean for your company today!

Phoenix Keynote Speaker | What Services Do We Offer?

When you are looking for a Phoenix Keynote speaker, then you will want to book Jean Briese. She has experience in life to any speaking engagement that you may need. Whether you’re looking to help you to grow and become the best, or you are looking to book someone to help people with overcoming schools in their lives, or you would like to ask someone for your women’s retreat or group, then you will want to look into hearing from Jean.

As a young adult, Jean had to overcome many of the schools in her life. After her mother abandoned her and left her to raise her siblings, she overcame being homeless and having to find her way in life. She has also overcome having to grow businesses and bring them back to the top, even in dying industries. This has helped her in her life and she uses it to help others in her Phoenix Keynote Speaker engagements. She believes that we all have a superpower within us that will allow us to overcome anything life can throw our way. After overcoming her young life tragedies, she has also overcome many as an adult and she hopes to encourage others to do the same.

If you have a group of women meeting together and you would like to book a Phoneix Keynote Speaker, then you need to look up Jean Briese! She truly loathes the fact that women, though we have come leaps and bounds, are still not treated equally, in the workforce especially. She not only believes personally that women can do just as well, or better than men at any top position, but she uses statistics to back their beliefs. Women are consistently found to statistically rank higher or equal to men in sales and leadership positions, yet somehow society continues to allow the discouragement of women in leadership positions to be ok.

If you need team building for your company, organization, etc, then Jean can help! She knows how vital it is to not only have a workplace where respect and encouragement are given, but she knows that work culture is just as important. If you have a great position open but do not have an environment that is conducive to expert attention and energy, then your great position will not stay great for long. This is how Jean is able to assist with team building. She will not only focus on the kumbaya of your organization, but she will help to ensure that the environment and atmosphere of your work culture are exactly what it needs to be to get your team to their best position.

Look no further than Jean Briese when you need a Phoenix Keynote Speaker. She can be reached by phone at 602-625-6071 or online at She is the highest-rated and reviewed motivational speaker in her area and you will not be disappointed when you choose to work with Jean for a company speaking engagement. She focuses on multiple areas of speaking encouragement, and she can speak to your group for your needs, today!

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