Motivational Sales Phoenix | Who Is Jean Briese?

When you need motivational sales Phoenix, then you need to call Jean Briese. She is the best in her industry and she is the topmost rated motivational speaker in her area. You should never try to do a huge speaking engagement for your entire organization or company. As inspiring as you may be, oftentimes it can be a lot easier to hear the same things from an unbiased third party that can be to hear from someone in a position of power over you. There is also not that already preexisting bias that employees and staff members often have for their boss.

If you need a women’s empowerment speaker, the call Jean. She believes wholeheartedly and women’s equality and pushing through the bias in the stereotypes that exist in the workforce for women. Women have the same degrees as men and the same experience and as far as income inequality for women, there still is instances where a woman is denied a job simply because of their gender. Or there are times when a woman is not as respected by her employees and staff that she should be somebody because of her gender. So Jean works to encourage women and instill a sense of empowerment in them to break through this.

As a motivational sales Phoenix, Jean also does teambuilding with companies and organizations. She will travel to you and speak to your staff and help to instill us and of family and camaraderie so that your business can lower cohesively. Culture is so important and having a successful business and if your employees are not driven and motivated and striving to be the best they can’t be to have the jobs and careers that they always dreamed of, that your business will suffer. She wants to help instill a sense of empowerment and all of your employees.

She also can do speaking engagements on overcoming obstacles and hardships. She is one of many business owners/entrepreneurs who built their life literally out of nothing. She had nothing to her name when she graduated highschool except for the fact that she raised her three siblings on her own and her high school diploma. Instead of using her trauma for an excuse to be a victim, she turned it into a ladder on her path to success and now uses it to inspire others.

Jean is the best of the best in motivational sales phoenix and she can speak to your company and organization on whatever needs you may have for them. You can give her a call at 602-625-6071, or you can visit her website at You can book her online or you can subscribe to her blogs and podcasts. If you want sure that you want to work with her then watch the testimonials from her past and current clients. It will give you all the information that you need as to why she is the best and why you want to work with her.

Motivational Sales Phoenix | Who Is Jean Briese?

If you are looking for motivational sales Phoenix, then look no further than Jean Briese. She is the best of the best and she is a top of her industry with the highest ratings and constant five-star reviews from her past and current clients. She is speaking engagements for businesses and has a multitude of experience in the sales industry. She can come to your business or organization’s meeting and she can assist and teambuilding, the obstacle overcoming, and even women’s empowerment.

As a young adult Jean overcame a lot of hardship and obstacles. Instead of using them for a crutch and as an excuse to make bad decisions, she instead used it to build her path to success. Her mother abandoned her and left her to raise her three younger siblings at a young age. And she was homeless and had to build a life out of nothing. She wants to instill a sense of empowerment and encouragement to others who have other obstacles at their overcoming instead of being rolled over by them, crush them with their inner super hero powers.

You have a group of women getting together and you would like to get motivational sales Phoenix, then hired Jean Briese. She feels wholehearted as the women in the workforce are not fully as revered as they should be. She wants to instill a sense of encouragement and inspiration and two women to break through the glass ceiling been there for centuries and to show who they really are as business professionals. Their gender should never matter and unfortunately in some situations it still does. Women are still denied job simply because of their gender and Jean wants to help empower women to never let this happen again.

If you’d like to build your team and want inspiration on that, the book Jean. She can speak to them and boost your sense of morale and the work culture that you have. If you want to establish work culture that is even more important to her. She understands the importance of having a positive and driven work environment and she wants to empower your employees to feel the same. If you have a room full of people who are driven, how goals, know where they’re going in life, our pushing and hustling every day to get there, then your business is going to succeed tenfold. In the same way, if your room is not full of people like that, then your business can really suffer.

Look no further than Jean Briese for your motivational sales Phoenix. She is at the top of her history and she is consistently booked by her past clients for a return engagement as well as books by new clients every day because they see how great she is. You can visit our website at for more information. You can also give or call 602-625-6071. She also has social media platforms as well such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube where you can view videos of her engagements and from past clients as well.

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