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This content was written for Jean Briese

If you are looking for one of the most spectacular business coach Phoenix has offer, you are going to find that Jean Briese is one of the best life coaches, women’s activist, and motivational speakers and all of Arizona. If you are looking for one of the most influential, motivational conferences to attend, you are going to want to attend one with Jean Briese. Because despite being homeless, and left in charge of her three younger siblings at the younger teenagers, they were not only abandoned by their mother, the Jean Briese and never received a formal college degree. And yet she is one of the most successful business coaches around.

That is because she was able to make her own success, because with her amazing attribute such as hard work, diligence, and dedication to whatever she’s working on, she is able to see success in everything she does. And so if you are looking for one of the most outstanding business coach Phoenix has to offer, you are can fine with Jean Briese. All for clients have decided that through her dedication to them, they have been able to see his success in everything that they do. She has helped them shine brightly like a diamond, in realizing their potential as a business owner, as a father, mother, spouse, or as an entrepreneur.

Sometimes all we need to understand, is that the only limitation to have, or ones that we set for ourselves. The only person holding us back from being successful is our own mindset. If you have a positive upbeat energetic attitude, and you understand that despite difficulties and obstacles that you can increase in your career, you are still able to be successful. So if you feel like a there are areas in your career, where you could be more successful as an employee, or dedicated to the job, then you would greatly benefit from a Jean Briese.

Not only does she help companies, but feels provide some amazing a life coaching skills and abilities. So if you want to find out how you can become a better, more dedicated, and more hard-working in every area of your life, you’re gonna be able to learn some great ways from Jean Briese. In fact all of her clients have said it that she has never put a limitation on their hopes and dreams. She has always encourage them to aim for the stars, and then she suffered. No matter what what your economical standing, your background, or how much education you have, you can always become better. That is why I would love to encourage you to check out her Once on the website, you will be able to firsthand we read Jean Briese’s personal success story, and read the reviews from all of her client she has worked with.

I also encourage you to contact us whenever you have any questions. If you would like to work with her one-on-one, or if you want to find out when her next business conference is, give us a call at (602) 625-6071. Because if she is the most amazing business coach Phoenix has to offer. However I want you to find out for yourself why her services are so beneficial, and why she is so compassionate, kind, and caring towards all of her clients. That is why it would be amazing for you to look through the reviews, testimonial videos, and success stories of online for

Business coach Phoenix | shatter the patriarchy

This content was written for Jean Briese

Jean Briese is not only one of the most spectacular business coach Phoenix Arizona has ever seen, they see it is a wonderful women’s activist. Over the last 20 years she’s been able to empower women not only in Arizona about all over the country. She knows how difficult it is for some women to receive a promotion, because they live in a city, or work for a company, who still believes in the male hierarchy. Imagine meet you all were passed up for a promotion not because the other candidate had more experience, or knowledge that you, but because they were not a woman.

Imagine walking into your supervisor’s office, expressing interest in the promotion, and having them say well you performed pretty well in our sales and marketing team as a woman, but we believe the man would be better suited for the job. However frustrating with that be. Now if the other candidate is more qualified or had more experience in the industry, then of course the employer is going to higher is them, because they are more qualified. However just imagine that that you were passed out because of being the only woman on the team. That happens to them in all across the United States, even in Arizona, and Jean Briese wants to be able to challenge the status quo, and hierarchy in companies that run that way.

That is exactly what happened to Jean Briese. However, she was able to challenge her obstacles, and has seen a lot of success, and made a lot of money doing jobs that others told her women couldn’t do. Because despite being homeless as a teenager, and being abandoned by her mother, and having to watch over her younger siblings, despite being passed up for many promotions because she was, she has still been able to be successful in everything she’s done. She’s been successful in areas that employers told her she would never make it in, because they didn’t think that women can do it. Did you know, that women are able to earn 60% of all under graduate degrees as well as around 60% of all masters degrees earned.

However women only account for around 47% of the working class in the United States. And around 49% of the college educated workforce. Some of the contributing factors to the statistic is that many women made you choose to stay at home with their children, and to forgo their careers, to be with their children. However there are so many companies where women are passed up for promotions. And so as a business coach Phoenix Arizona is going to offer to you, Jean Briese wants to help and empower women, to know that they are able to shatter the limitations set by others.

In fact she has been able to encourage a lot of women, to work harder for their dreams. As a business coach Phoenix representative, Jean Briese have been able to help encourage a lot of business owners, entrepreneurs, and has even provided her life coaching skills. If you have any questions about how she can help you, or when her next upcoming conferences, please contact her at (602) 625-6071. That is the number two her team, and if you have any questions about successor claim 15, you can see it their personal success stories online, and the reviews of Jean Briese services. You can miss you those, and watch the testimonial videos, by going online to

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