Best Phoenix Motivational Speaker | What Services Does She Offer?


If you want to book the best Phoenix motivational speaker, then you’re gonna want to book Jean Briese. She is excellent in inspiring messages that push you to want to change. She also helps with team building and coaching individuals and companies into their most optimal sales level. She focuses on things such as sales coaching for businesses and individuals. She also does conferences for empowering women. She does general business and company coaching for small, medium, or large enterprises.

There are a lot of reasons why people book motivational speakers for their speaking engagements. When it comes to companies bucking, they usually want someone who’s going to encourage their employees to work harder and be smarter. Jean Briese says all the above and more. She excels and inspiring people to be their best selves and live their best lives. She knows that in all things in life obstacles come along and things happen that we can control and oftentimes it can bring our world coming down. She offers conferences on how to find and channel your inner superpowers to overcome those obstacles and make life even better because of them.

As the best Phoenix motivational speaker, Jean Briese had a rough start in life. Her mother abandoned her and her three siblings when she was young. She ended up having to raise her younger siblings because she was the oldest, and she became homeless after high school. But instead of using her tragedy to end her life and be a victim for the rest of it, she used it to find her and her superhero and truly change your life for the better. She now uses her life and personal experiences to better others help them to do the same when they have hard times and obstacles in their lives.

She often shares in her conferences the five leadership lessons that she thoroughly believes in. They include be authentic: always do what it is that you know you should be doing or ultimately what it is that will lead your life to success. Then, have a tough-love coach: these are people or a person, who will never let you get by without being your best. Then, be respectfully disruptive: this is where you show grace and respect and responsibility, but you never take no for an answer. Confidently take steps: always be confident in yourself and your mission. And finally, build a team with passion.

When you want to book the best Phoenix motivational speaker, then you will know that Jean Briese is the best. She has years of experience in public speaking and is booked by businesses all over the country who want her to empower their company and their employees to greater success. She can be reached at 602-625-6071. She can also be found on her website at If you read her reviews you will see that she is constantly sought after for her loving/encouraging/empowering wisdom!

Best Phoenix Motivational Speaker | What Services Does She Offer?

Jean Briese is the best Phoenix motivational speaker. She is booked all of the country year-round for her speaking engagements. She has helped many businesses and companies grow and helps their individual employees and admit to growing as well. She focuses on helping people to overcome the obstacles they face, as well as helping them to empower themselves no matter their gender. She also helps with team building and company growth through inspiring starting with the individuals. She believes this will then inspire the entire company and that will allow the company to grow in the way that it wants to.

Jean Briese had a rough start growing up. She was abandoned by her mother two weeks before Christmas. She was the oldest of four so she was then left to care for her younger siblings. She was homeless after high school and had nothing to her name but a high school degree. Many people would abuse us and turned it into a tragic young premature end to their lives and become a victim for the rest of it. Instead, she used it to then channel her and her superhero and become the rescuer of her own story. She uses her personal and professional experiences to inspire and empower others.

There is no other person that you want to book to speak at your company engagements, other than the best motivational speaker. That is Jean Briese. She has spoken to small and large audiences alike. She travels all over the country helping to build teams and businesses. She sutured in a multitude of news outlets, and she has been given many awards for her business, sales, and entrepreneurship. She also posts on her website so that if you aren’t sure you want to book her, you can get insight into her mind, then you can read her box and see what you think yourself. You can also read the reviews that her past clients have left. She is the highest-rated and reviewed motivational speaker in Phoenix and she prides herself in bringing passion into every engagement.

She was named the best of the GigMasters in 2017 and 2018. She continues to wow her audiences with her tough love yet incredible heart and spirit when it comes to believing in yourself. She helps people to channel their inner rock star and fully bring their life’s dreams to fruition. She is the speaker’s choice for multiple enterprises such as Walmart, AT&T, ADP, Farmers insurance, and more. She is a multitude of reviews and testimonials. You can visit her YouTube channel for the videos.

When you want to book the best Phoenix motivational speaker, then you need about Jean Briese. She can be reached at 602-625-6071 or you can visit her on her website at She believes that the matter what your obstacle or situation, you can overcome it and you can do so on your own. However, it is always helpful to have support around you, so she helps with teambuilding so that no one is alone in their growth.

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