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Our Services

Icon Executive Leadership

Executive Leadership

  • Vision & Purpose
  • Clear Communication
  • Building Culture
  • Strategy & Tactics
  • Life Balance
Icon Management


  • Managing All the Work
  • Managing All the People
  • Managing All the Money
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Mastering Execution
Icon Sales / Marketing


  • Branding
  • Website
  • Graphic Design
  • Lead Generation / Conversion System
  • Sales Coaching

Who is Jean Briese?

After surviving 20+ years in the corporate world creating and leading award-winning teams for a Fortune 10 technology firm, Jean Briese shattered the status quo to launch her own consulting business. Now, entrepreneurs and small business owners hire her to help them create transformation. Jean’s clients experience a clear vision and purpose, have the tools and systems needed to reach their business, financial and personal goals, all while having fun and achieving results!

What are people saying about Jean Briese?

“I watched Jean transform a large team of individuals in a very positive way, producing both engaged employees and driving business results. Using her leadership skills, she helped the team rebuild their identity and their brand. She motivated the team members by using her natural abilities to inspire and build people up – way up! Jean truly cares about people and helping them succeed and excel.” BETH CHEPELSKY, DIRECTOR, LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT

Beth Chepelsky, Director, Learning and Development

“My life is a lot better since I began working with Jean. I am more secure and am finding my path. Jean has helped my business by giving me laser focus on what I need to do to get more clients. She’s helped me get laser focused on how to find clients and what to say to win them.“

Fran, owner, fsa solutions

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Don't believe those that tell you that there's no such thing as Life/Work Balance.

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