A Monday Kind of Metamorphosis-Part 4

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Part 4 It was a Monday. Mom had her surgery last Monday. The surgery was supposed to take 4-6 hours. Dr. P said he would give us an update in about 2 hours. So we went to the cafeteria to get something to eat, thinking we had plenty of time. While eating my phone rang...Read More


Grief. It feels like a big, hairy, beast Has moved in with me. It is constantly nipping at my heels And won’t leave me alone. I tried being patient with it. It kept nipping. The constant nipping made me angry. And I raged against it. It kept nipping. I was busy with...Read More

The Great Stag

I was only six years old, but I still remember how the fear gripped me as the fire spread, the tears I shed as his mother died, and laughing out loud as I met Thumper and Flower. The Disney classic movie “Bambi” was an emotionally powerful movie for a young child. So...Read More

The Promise

The sun seemed to kiss her face and shoulders as she walked along the street.  With her bronzed skin and long blonde hair parted straight down the middle, she looked like any other 15 year old in 1974. What made her different was the fact that she had been “on her...Read More

Dancing With My Father

He suggested I dance.  After meeting with my new spiritual director, he said I mentioned the word “struggle” thirteen times in my conversation with him. So instead of struggling to follow the Lord’s will for me, he suggested that I dance. I have to admit, the vision...Read More