10 Leadership Lessons from the 2016 Athenas – This is How We Do It!

The 2016 Athenas  Dr. Maria Harper-Marinick, Maricopa Community Colleges, Catherine Alonzo, Javelina, and Rebecca Clyde, Ideas Collide participated in a panel discussion at the Professional Women’s Alliance luncheon last week. There was all kinds of awesomeness...Read More

This One’s For The Girls- 7 Characteristics of Highly Successful Women

This One’s For The Girls- 7 Characteristics of Highly Successful Women “The world doesn’t need what women have, it needs what women are.”   Edith Stein  My mom was born in 1940.  She grew up in an age when children were seen and not heard.  A proper Southern Belle, she like many her age, was taught that a woman’s success was...Read More

Pay Attention!

“You are supposed to pay attention in Mass!” Allie admonishes me. At eight years old, she is very aware of “the rules.” As an active child who would always rather be outside playing than inside doing anything else, she has heard this from me many times. I was sharing...Read More

Gobble You Up

“We have to eat his body?!? “ Allie turned to me with eyes open wide and a face of shock and surprise. She just turned eight, and she has been sitting in Mass hearing these words, “TAKE THIS ALL OF YOU, AND EAT OF IT, FOR THIS IS MY BODY, WHICH WILL BE GIVEN UP FOR...Read More

A Tribute To My Mom

A Tribute To My Mom My mom gave me many things. She gave me an unwavering confidence. She gave me joy in the face of disaster. She gave me a love for the silly. But one of the things I treasure the most is she instilled in me a love of words. I have very fond memories as a young child of...Read More

Adrift At Sea

About 15 months ago, I was hit by a tsunami. Swiftly and unexpectedly, most everything I had come to know in my life was gone. In a matter of a few days I lost my mom, my job (where I was a respected and successful director of a large sales team), my child’s school...Read More